Devin Booker is back in top form with a showcase in Suns win vs Oklahoma


Devin Booker needed only three games to quickly return to his top form after suffering an injury that kept him away for 7 games. Either way, the Phoenix Suns still got an impressive 5-2 run without their biggest star. This is nothing but a testament of how great this team truly is, all players are completely involved in helping out the team. Last season’s frustrating defeat against the Milwaukee Bucks might’ve been the wake up call they needed to realize they truly are one of the biggest rivals to beat in the NBA right now. We might even be upon the beginning of a basketball dynasty. Devin Booker is right at the forefront of this impressive time for the Phoenix Suns.

Even though Chris Paul gave us some inredible moments while Book was out, he sure seemed happy for having his best partner in crime back on the court. You could tell he was having fun from some of the connections they had throughout the game. Booker ended the game with 30 points, Cameron Johnson scored 21, Deandre Ayton got 21, and Chris Paul scored 16. Even though there weren’t more than four players coring double digits this evening, having Devin Booker is definitely a game changer for the Phoenix Suns. the difference is night and day. Oklahoma made their best effort with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander scoring 29 but it simply wasn’t enough to prevent the loss.

What’s next for the Suns and the Thunder?

After tonight’s win, Phoenix Suns moved up to a 26-5 run and have a wild game against the Golden State Warriors on Christmas Day. They will rest on Friday but need to get ready for this hyped game between the two best teams in the NBA right now. Devin Booker will finally get his chance to measure his level against none other than Stephen Curry this season. Oklahoma City Thunder moved down to an 11-20 record after tonight’s defeat. They are set for a two-day break before playing at home against the New Orleans Pelicans.


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