Details of the wedding of Mette Marit and Haakon twenty years later


Twenty years have passed Haakon from Norway Mette Marit put the finishing touch to their love story at the first royal wedding of a new generation of heirs. The most important royal representative attended the link of style, and there is no doubt that this is a victory of love. It set a clear precedent for other royal weddings later on.Although there is controversy around Metmarit As in his past, Hakon has always been supported by his family because his father had to face his father marrying Sonia Haraldson. Not long ago, Mate Marit told her that it was not easy for her. She could not change the past, but she had tried to adapt to the new reality. Because the disease has been going on for some time and restricting its activities, rather than its commitment to the institution, the reality is now complicated.

Norwegian Prince Haakon and Mette Marit on their wedding day / Gtres

The wedding was held in Oslo on the afternoon of August 25th and showcased the charm of royal family members from all over the world wearing the best clothes.In Spain, models inevitably attract attention Eva Sonam, The person who was related to him at the time Prince of AsturiasThe couple did not attend the wedding together, but Don Felipe and his mother attended the wedding together. Queen SophiaHowever, in the subsequent celebrations, their photos were taken together. Eva was wearing a charming blue dress and holding a glass of brandy in her hand. Some photographs condemning their romance, because in our country, a possible future queen wearing such a low-cut dress and drinking brandy is not a good vision.

Outside of Sannum, The wedding became an entire fashion show, and the queen and princess exude an elegant atmosphere. From Mette Marit herself, she wore one of the simplest wedding dresses in recent memory, to Queen Sofía, she chose a charming mint style. As far as they are concerned, the men wear formal uniforms. By the way, Prince Charles of England was one of the last to arrive.

Eva Sonam
Photos of Sonham and the prince spread all over the world/Gtres

A day full of anecdotes.Although it is not easy for Mettemarit to win the favor of the Norwegians, hundreds of people tried to decorate the city with flowers the night before, and a team of people More than a thousand security guards patrol the Old Town of Oslo So everything went as expected. The couple wanted to share their happiness with the citizens, so some of the dishes on the wedding menu were distributed in the main square of Oslo.

The King of Sweden at the wedding of Haakon and Mette Marit / Gtres

When the Bishop of Oslo once said at the ceremony: “Love is triumphant,” the bride could not restrain her emotions and burst into tears. The Norwegian jazz musician Jan Garbarek added energy to the ceremony.The bride and groom personally participated in the selection of melody and text, some of which were read aloud Marta Luisa from Norway And Victoria in Sweden.

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