Despite Russia’s ultimatum, Ukraine will not hand over Mariupol: will fight to the end

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Russia launched this Sunday ultimatum to ukraine: I have to deliver before dawn this Monday city ​​of Mariupol (SE) and surrender your army’s weapons or face the consequences. Kyiv refused and will continue to fight.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport of Ukraine, Irina Veresukalready in the newspaper at dawn ukraine pravda Moscow’s claim in an eight-page letter was an “illusion.”

“They sent the same letter to the UN and the ICRC and hoped that international organisations would respond and start putting pressure on Ukraine. This is not going to happen. (…) This is Russian manipulation,” Vereshchuk told the media.

Refugees gather in the street before trying to leave Mariupol.


“We cannot talk about the delivery of weapons – the deputy minister added -. We have informed the Russian side”. Ukraine is limited to responding to the enemy’s “opening of humanitarian corridors” so that civilians can leave Mariupol.

Some 400,000 people have been trapped in Mariupol for more than two weeks, with artillery fire severely cutting off key supplies.

President of the country, Vladimir Zelensky, in the past few hours described the siege of Mariupol as “an act of terror that will be remembered for centuries to come”.your deputy minister also accuse Vladimir Putin Attempted to “forcefully send 350 children to Russia” in what he called “terrorism”.

Civilians in Mariupol dig graves for those killed in the war.


Russia is trying to Threats to Ukraine, set a time for the “organized departure” of “all Ukrainian armed forces and foreign mercenaries without weapons and ammunition”. Moscow assured that Ukrainian troops laying down their arms would be able to leave Mariupol “without danger to their lives”.

But Mariupol did not give up. With no light, no heat, no water, no food or medicine, he will fight to his last breath.

Russian-Ukrainian War


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