Desperate Putin: Law will allow Duma deputies to go to war


First, the party headed by the party Putinunifying Russia, will propose a law allowing representation Duma (lower house of parliament) volunteer to fight in Ukraine.

“Federal law states that deputies should not be mobilized. Now we are raising the issue so that my colleagues in the party can mobilize,” he explained on Sunday. Vitaly Milonov, deputy Official of St. Petersburg, RIA Nóvosti Agency.

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Milonov, known for his sternness Criticizing the Democratic Opposition and Sexual Minoritiesclaiming to have discussed the matter with Andrei Turchak, Secretary-General of Unified Russia, who ordered changes to the Duma regulations. Currently, MPs are breaking the rules if they decide to voluntarily participate in the Legislative Assembly and not participate.

“If this decision is made, then our volunteers (MPs) will no longer be rule breakers. So, All who will can mobilize. There has never been such a precedent,” he explained.

In addition, he made it clear that unlike other volunteers and reservists, deputies who fought in combat would not be paid, but They will fund their stay in Ukraine themselves. This week, Mironov, who has six children, announced,Include artillery units to defend the Donbass Attack by the Ukrainian Army.

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks in Moscow on Friday.


The new measure, which the Kremlin intends to approve, is another sign of Putin’s desperation and his grip on the war.The Russian president even admitted this week about Partial mobilization decreewhich led to a large exodus of military-aged men.

As the War Institute reported today, the General Staff decided Officer shortage accelerates cadet graduation. These, along with reservists, will be sent to the rear after less than a month of preparation.

Controversial merger

Putin’s new world order goals have allies, but He has been defending the annexation of the occupied territories alone by his troops in eastern and southern Ukraine (Kherson, Zaporozhye, Luganks and Donetsk).

“Around the world, including Europe and the United States, we have people of many common religions. We feel and notice their support. In different countries and societies, a Anti-colonial liberation movement against unipolar hegemonyThe annexation treaty was subsequently signed, Putin said in a speech to the Kremlin on Friday.

Vladimir Putin with Chinese leader Xi Jinping last September.

Vladimir Putin with Chinese leader Xi Jinping last September.


The Russian leader also spoke of a “new geopolitical reality” in which the West will no longer dictate the rules of the game.In this regard, he is supported Chinawhose leader, Xi Jinpingcalling on him to jointly lead a changing world and defend the interests of developing countries.

other countries like India, Iran and Turkey They share his views, but none support his military adventures or the Kremlin’s radical interpretation of the Ukrainian people’s right to self-determination.

Last September, Putin tried to dispel all doubts about Xi Jinping and his military operations in Ukraine. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting. But it didn’t work for him.

“Now is not the time for war”, Modi conveyed to him. Beijing called for “respect for the territorial integrity of all countries”.

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Francis warns Putin

Pope explicitly asks Putin this Sunday ‘Stop the vortex of violence and death’ in Ukraine, ‘also for the love of the people’ In an atypical Angelus. The Pope also expressed his concerns about the “nuclear threat” and criticized territorial annexation as “a violation of international law”.

Francisco Breaking the traditional structure of Angelus, he presided over every Sunday and decided to dedicate the entire Marian prayer to the situation in Ukraine. The pope does not usually appoint heads of state in such ceremonies, but he has made a clear appeal to Russian leaders pleading for an end to the war.then he asked Vladimir Zelensky Open to “Serious Peace Proposals”.

“The course of the Ukrainian war has become so Severe, destructive and threatening, which worries me a lot. That’s why today I want to dedicate all my reflections to him before the Angelus. In fact, instead of healing, this horrific and incredible wound of humanity is bleeding more and more and is at risk of spreading,” he said.

For this, it updated call for an immediate ceasefire“Stop the arms and seek negotiated terms to reach a solution, not imposed by force, but agreed, fair and stable,” he added.



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