Designer Clothes: Perfect for Fashion

A pattern is the previous idea of ​​how a design is going to be. The idea is to have a basic one (for example, a short-sleeved T-shirt to use) and from there try it on different similar, but different, bodies to see how it looks on each one of them. In this way, you can have several patterns and integrate them all to discover which one best matches your fashion design and accessories.


Flannel, linen, canvas, fabric, mesh gauze, fringes… there are an infinity of fabrics and details that you can include in them. This will determine very deeply the type of final product that you are going to have. To the touch, to the eye and even for the comfort of whoever is wearing it.

Therefore, you have to study them all carefully. See which one works best for which season, in what colors you can have it and what effect it has, etc. You have to attend to all the details when making fashion designs and accessories . And this is always achieved with the same exercise: doing many tests.

Do a lot of tests

The other pillar to ensure quality work. You have to gather as much information as possible through experimentation. Cast some fabrics, check how they look on the skin, how they work and even do some test designs. In this way you can assess well what things to change and what not.

Look for inspiration

Beyond the roots there must be conceptual universes that are attractive to you. That of a certain material or a certain world, such as skateboarding , a style of music, etc. The best thing you can do to get inspired is to walk the streets of a big city and see how people dress.

Remember that this does not mean copying 레플리카 사이트. It is not about seeing something and reproducing it in your designs. Rather it has to do with finding inspiration that allows you to create truly original work.

In design, the most important thing is almost the designer.

Everything you do has to bear your signature, your stamp, your spirit. Therefore, do not be afraid or hesitant when it comes to impregnating your fashion designs and accessories with your obsessions or your thoughts. That is precisely what you have to do.


Whether to draw the patterns, to learn about the fabrics,

The history or the resources and programs that you can use. Training yourself properly will help you to be a better designer and to be able to develop the garments or accessories that you have in your head and that you don’t know how to bring to real life.

In conclusion, designing fashion and accessories is a very complicated artistic process. It requires preparation, time, knowledge and ideas. But it is something that you want to do for yourself with proper preparation and that will help you make your mark in this world. And, with these tips, you can start doing it as soon as possible.


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