Deshawn Watson’s girlfriend Jilly Anais posts video after suspension


Dfor violating the league’s personal conduct policy, Deshawn Watson will miss the first six games 2022-23 NFL season.

The punishment followed complaints of sexual harassment during sessions by more than 20 massage therapists.

The whole ugly saga left an indelible stain on Watson’s reputation, despite the fact that no criminal charges were brought against him, and the vast majority of the claims against him were settled.

But is there anyone who is not too worried about what happened? Jilly AnaisWatson’s girlfriend. Anais reacted much like she did to everything else: ignoring the news of Watson’s six-game suspension.

She specifically uploaded a video in which she plays herself. top golf in The first energy stadium.

She didn’t bother during the whole debacle

There were questions about Anais’ reaction to everything that had bothered her man before. You may remember that in the past she did things that caused considerable resentment. Similar to how she reacted when Watson admitted that they had an extramarital affair.

On the InstagramAnais has more 2.5 million followers and often posts content that goes viral.

Anais’ behavior aside, many people are upset this week with what they think is a lenient punishment for Watson. In fact, all parties involved have implied for several weeks that Watson will only receive a warning. His rationale has been detailed.

Neither did the son’s recent admission that his mother lied about her accusations against Watson help the case.


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