Deshawn Watson NFL Disciplinary Hearing Closed: What’s Next With Potential Quarterback Punishment?


BUTfollowing an NFL disciplinary hearing regarding Cleveland Browns defender Deshawn Watsonthe possible violation of the code of conduct is over, only the time remains when the league’s jointly appointed disciplinary inspector, Sue L. Robinsonwants to accept to determine the future of a young player’s career.

Midfielder Deshawn Watson traded to ClevelandAP

What happened at Deshawn Watson’s disciplinary hearing?

Three-day hearing at which arguments were heard NFL and NFLPA (on behalf of Watson) on 24 women who at one time or another sued a quarterback for sexual harassmentended on Thursday.

Recall that today only four lawsuits remain in force, after 20 of them are no longer considered, after the plaintiffs reached an unspoken agreement to abandon their claims to the former Houston Texans player.

Two Possible Disciplinary Scenarios for Deshawn Watson

Now Robinson must decide first of all whether Watson is guilty of violating the code of conduct, and if his guilt is proven, he will be allowed to play. season 2022 with the Browns, and under NFL rules they can’t appeal the decision, so the case will be dismissed.

If Robinson finds Watson guiltythen he must also decide whether to penalize the quarterback, which may include a suspension from the game and a financial penalty.

What happens if Deshawn Watson gets punished?

As for a possible gaming sanction, it can be indefinite (which means at least a year without the ability to play) or for a certain number of disqualification games.

In this case The NFLPA has the right to appeal the decision and seek to reduce it if they find case law to compare it with other similar suspensions.

According to numerous reports, the second scenario seems more likely, the NFL will request suspension for the season and it will be up to Watson and the Browns whether they ask the NFLPA to proceed with the appeal.


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