Derek Carr: “It would be great to have Kaepernick”


las vegas raiders starting quarterback Derek Carr said he would welcome teammate Colin Kaepernick to the team locker room, although that meant tough competition and could send him to the bench for the entire season.

May 25 Silver and black nation guest quarterback Colin Kaepernick for the practice that was the first practice for a man who has played in the Super Bowl with the 49ers with an NFL team since 2016.

During his appearance in the Raiders media during open practice (OTAS) the day after Kaepernick’s practice, McDaniels said that general manager Dave Ziegler and his staff had been coaching a lot of guys this spring and declined to give more details about Kaepernick’s practice, retaining the players’ scores. , which worked out private.

“It looks like everything went well and I’m impressed” Jan Rapoport of the NFL Network reported the day after Kaepernick’s workout. “The door is open.”

Carr was asked what he thought of Kaepernick’s training and left a positive impression. Their relationship dates back to college when Kaepernick played for Nevada and Carr played for Fresno State when both schools were in the WAC.

“I’ve known Colin since we played at the WAC.that doesn’t matter anymore, Carr laughed. “My gray hair can be the reason for this. I remember our days back then and just watching him and what he was doing in college, I knew him and talked to him on the phone and things like that. I told them guys that I enjoyed the time I spent with him. I think he’s a great guy. He was great to be around. I liked being around him, talking to him, competing with him.

Derek Carr assured that he enjoyed spending time with Kaepernick.

“Josh told me they were going to do it and I literally said the same thing to you. I said, “I had a good time with him.” I love him. We would get along great.” My brother knew him a little from San Francisco. He’s like, “I love Colin; he is cool.’ I think Colin will have to answer more questions than all of us: “Why didn’t this happen? Why didn’t this happen? But for me it would be ok. I enjoyed my time with him.”

For us, I think it would be greatCarr said. “I don’t want to speak for everyone in that sense. I don’t want anyone to be mad at me for saying that I thought it would be great, but I know him and we would get along great. I know what we have in the past. I think we would do it again. I think for the most part he would get along with our guys.”


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