Denmark’s Margaret intensifies war between her children


‘Silent’ war between sons queen margaret It erupted in a new and unexpected chapter that she herself indirectly sparked. On Wednesday, the monarch – the last queen of her generation – announced her intention to revoke her youngest son, Prince Joaquín, from her grandchildren’s prince and princess titles. A decision that will come into force next January, according to a text distributed by the royal family, is in line with the monarch’s desire for her grandchildren to have greater freedom from being subject to royal obligations. Some of the responsibilities belong only to Prince Federico Children, especially Prince Christian, the eldest, will receive official appointments.

The Queen’s decision also responds to new trends being imposed in Europe, which she has joined in principle Carl Gustaf of Sweden Carlos III is expected to be available in the UK soon. A useful, and most importantly, reduced monarchy that does not impose exorbitant costs on citizens.

However, in the case of Denmark, the truth is that Margarita’s decision took many by surprise and caused blisters in the family.Prince Joachim’s first wife is the first to speak up and make sure ‘Your children are stripped of their identity’In the case of the prince, he announced to a Danish media that he had not been informed about it, except for the fact that he had been talking about the reorganization for several years, and that he felt his children had been abused, they had grown up in a certain way, and Don’t feel freed from obligations just by revoking a title. They in the royal family contradicted the prince’s account, and the queen herself was somewhat disturbed by the uproar over her decision.

Prince Joachim and his wife. / Getreth

In addition, Prince Joaquin’s eldest sons were also disturbed by the decision made by their grandmother. A stationary Prince Nicholas told Danish media he was “disappointed and angry” with the Queen. “Of course, my whole family and I are very saddened. As my parents said, we were shocked by this decision and how quickly it was made. I’m at a loss as to why this happened.”Say.

Isabella from Denmark on her confirmation / Gtres
The Queen and some of her grandchildren. /Gtres

In addition to those directly involved, the media also asked Prince Frederick’s wife, the future queen, about the issue. Australians prefer to be cautious about the situation: “Change can be very difficult and can do a lot of damage. I think most people have verified it, but that doesn’t mean the decision was incorrect.” Princess, Whoever has commented that the title of his own child will also be on the table by then has shown that this is not an arbitrary decision.

delicate moment

The reality is that this situation is not conducive to the friendly environment between the two brothers, who have been embroiled in some differences over the years, which are fundamentally caused by the complicated relationship between their wives. It’s been said that aside from the resemblance between the princesses – and the coincidence in the name – Mary and Mary, the fact is, there is no affection between the two, only kindness. In fact, there were even comments that Joaquin had a crush on his sister-in-law, which is why his wife looked so similar to her – the rumor was never confirmed.

This “hostility” dates back more than a decade, but has increased recently, especially when Joaquin suffered a stroke and only Federico went to visit him. Something that doesn’t get along well with his wife. And, while there are times when they almost coincide in time and place, the two never met without a husband. Now, with the question of the title, the distance is even more distant.


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