Denmark will require immigrants to work for subsidies


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this government Social Democratic Party The Danes want to compel dedication 37 hours per week Work like this Clean beaches and forests In exchange for your subsidy Have integration problems or have been accepting help Social.

The proposal aims to improve their integration capabilities and Facilitate their entry into the labor marketAccording to the government, it talked about shifting from one logic of dependence to another logic of work, and exemplified that six out of ten immigrant women came from East half, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan with North Africa They didn’t work Denmark.

The measure was originally designed to Grant recipient Approximately those who have not completed elementary school or passed the intermediate level of Danish in three of the past four years 20,000 people In general, according to official calculations, despite the three-year evaluation process, they hope to expand to more groups.

“Effort and Performance”

“There must be a clearer alignment between effort and provision, rights and obligations. We believe that there will be more labor in the labor market,” the Minister of Integration said. Matias Tesfaye.

Despite this, Tesfaye has recognized the “symbolic” value of the measure, because according to the government’s own data, it is estimated that only 250 of the 20,000 people affected will eventually find a real job.

Beach cleaning

Among the projects mentioned that must be managed by the various municipalities, for example, the cleaning of beaches and forests or the maintenance of municipal properties.

High hopes were placed on the proposal, and most parties, including the right-wing opposition, supported it. Only a few left-wing forces and social organizations, which are external allies of the government, criticized it. .

“This obviously hurts female migrant. They either decide to give up subsidies or engage in jobs that do not help them in the long term,” said Halima El Abassi, spokesperson for the National Minority Council.

For two decades, with the support of major political parties including the Social Democratic Party, Denmark has been implementing one of the toughest immigration policies in the European Union (EU).


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