Democrats’ resistance blocks ‘red wave’ and Donald Trump’s desire to return


There were no red waves. Republicans did not sweep Democrats have resisted the trend with better-than-expected results, as analysts and surveys have pointed out.This Republicans can win a majority in the House of Representatives for very few seats but The Senate will continue to be dominated by Democrats, According to a subsequent review Georgia as a hub and key state.

These midterm elections show Donald Trump doesn’t guarantee success And his plans for 2024 were complicated Ron deSantis swept Florida governor’s re-election bid. also punish Joe Biden’s loss of Congress is the result of disgruntled voters who have compelling reasons to seek a new direction over the next two years.

With the review well underway, Republicans are leading the House, which could make it difficult for a Biden administration to implement policies.While Democrats have lost control of Congress, they have done so at far less cost than expected, and They managed to control the red tide Donald Trump has been making announcements for weeks.

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Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada

But the Republicans have not been swept away, and Democrats are predicted to maintain control of the Senate, thereby Trump plans to announce his candidacy for the White House on November 15.

Democrats and Republicans are tied in the Senate Each party has 48 seats, but there are still four races to decide, all of which are in states considered key, with a choice between conservatives and progressives. Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada and Georgia They will be key in the next few hours.

In the latter state, with 98 percent of the vote, the contest between Democratic senators Raphael Warnock and Republican candidates Herschel Walker Still in suspense after being put in number one multiple times throughout the night.

Warnock has 1,935,464 votes, 35,000 more than Walker, Trump-backed ex-football player and 98% scrutiny sparked numerous controversies. If neither of them gets at least 50 percent of the vote (49.4 percent for Democrats and 48.5 percent for Republicans), Georgia will be forced to tie for a special day in December.

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also important Arizonaof which Democratic astronauts Mark Kelly than Republican candidates, Black Masters, received nearly 100,000 votes. If the race for the Arizona seat continues like this, Kelly will consolidate the Senate two years after he won the Senate after succeeding Sen. John McCain.

Pennsylvania Massachusetts and Maryland

In the race, Democrats have won three very notable victories in the House of Representatives: Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Maryland, Dyed blue. Massachusetts and Maryland are progressive, even though they have been dominated by Republicans for the past few years.

In Massachusetts, Democrats Maura Healy She became the first woman elected governor of Massachusetts, and first openly lesbian governor from any state. For its part, Wes Moore He also made his name into American history as the first black governor of Maryland.

The Democrat has been dubbed Pennsylvania’s new governor two hours after Election Day on the East Coast. Josh Shapiroso who will defeat Trump’s protégé Doug Mastriano. Shapiro to replace also Democrat Tom Wolf who has just completed the second of two tasks permitted by law.

It should be noted that the new governor doesn’t have to go very far, as he has been Pennsylvania’s attorney general since 2017.Shapiro spent $44 million This campaign, exactly 10 times that of his Republican opponent.

Trump can’t guarantee

Make no mistake, the results of these elections show that Trump is no guarantee of success. Republicans have seen how several candidates promoted by the former president lost their respective races.

s failure Doug Mastriano and Mohamed Oz, In Pennsylvania, a pivotal state with red and blue representation, it has been resounding.And those Republicans Lizeldingin New York, Don Bordukin New Hampshire, and Tudor Dixonin Michigan.

Another example of Trump’s failure is that of the Republican Party Lake Cary in Arizona. She is his bet to become his vice president in 2024.former tv presenter and possibly CopiloTrump’s presidential candidate lost by a wide margin to Democrat Katie Hobbs.At the same time, the Republican Black Masters It was also defeated in the Senate race.


It is Trump’s plan that is complicated. The reason lies within his own party: Rum DeSantis. Florida governor re-elected midterm A huge win and many are already looking at him again as a possible competitor trump card Within the Republican Party, it aims to occupy the White House in 2024.

However, DeSantis himself avoided talking about his future plans after the victory, sticking only to one of his mission characteristics: his messianism. DeSantis made Re-elected with nearly 60% of the vote20 points ahead of his Democratic opponent, Charlie Christ.

“Not satisfied”

Nearly three-quarters of voters who cast ballots in midterm elections are “Unsatisfied” or “Frankly angry” How is the situation in the country, according to the data it manages political.

Three-quarters of voters think the economy is in “not very good” or “poor” and eight in 10 U.S. voters say inflation is causing “moderate” or “severe” hardship to their households.

Exit polls show voters split between Republicans (35%), Democrats (34%) and another third of independents (31%).Another factor to consider is A much higher percentage of white voters went to the polls on Tuesday The average age of voters has also risen compared to the 2020 presidential election, which has traditionally favored conservative candidates (70% of midterm voters are over 45).

For this must be added Biden’s low approval rating: According to the poll, 45% of Americans support the president, while 54% do not National Election Pool.



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