DeMarcus Lawrence Turns Down Cowboys Pay Cut And Could Be Fired

TI have Dallas Cowboys“The off-season situation is tricky as they want to make room in the salary cap to be aggressive during free agency starting next week, but for them they are demanding a pay cut and that is not an easy task in any way.

According to CBS Sports, the Cowboys had conversations with representatives of the All Pro’s defensive wing. Demarcus Lawrencee, asking him to agree to a pay cut for 2022, a request that was denied by the player and that leaves Team America in a dilemma: try to then try to find a trade or cut it after June 1st.

A similar case with Amari Cooper

This case follows the report Amari Coopera star wide receiver from Dallas who was also asked to take a pay cut, but because he didn’t accept, various reports say he won’t be staying with the Lone Star in his helmet in 2022.

Lawrence currently has one year left on the contract he signed in 2019 and should receive a $19 million base exit under four-year, $105 million contract for four seasons.

Based on those numbers, if they can’t agree on a contract restructuring, they won’t be able to release the $11.92 million they could use to flag any difficult side. Dalton Schultz on the defensive Randy Gregory as a franchised player by the deadline to be able to complete such a deal, which will take place on Tuesday, March 8 at 5:00 pm ET.

Lawrence, with a complicated history of negotiating with the Cowboys.

This isn’t the first time Lawrence has had difficult negotiations with the Cowboys, as prior to the aforementioned contract extension, he was flagged as a franchise player for two consecutive years for failing to reach an agreement with a team owned by Jerry Jones.

Cowboys were unexpectedly eliminated San Francisco 49ers in Wild Card Round last season when they won the NFC East Division crown.


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