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SteamOS is a Debian-derived distribution based on the kernel linux, developed by Valve Corporation.she is destined to be operating system main console steam engine and steam deck. It was launched on December 13, 2013 and has three major releases to date.

Free OS for all consoles

What the operating system does is make Steam without the need for users to own computer Windows for this purpose. Unlike other platforms like the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, with SteamOS, each user can decide based on their budget and preferences which components to use to build the computer they will use as a Steam console.

SteamOS is primarily designed for playing video games away from the PC, such as in the living room, to provide a desktop-like experience.console Use generic PC hardware that connects directly to your TV.It can run native games that have been developed linux and buy it from the Steam store. Valve claims to have ” Significantly improved graphics performance » Due to the use of SteamOS and its compatibility layer: proton.

Evolution of SteamOS?

operating system is open sourceallowing users to build or tweak source code, although the actual Steam client code is private.Since SteamOS is designed for gaming, there is no need to use a mouse or keyboard, it lacks many built-in features beyond web browsing and gaming. For example, no file manager or image viewer is installed by default. However, users can access the Gnome desktop and perform tasks such as installing other programs.

The operating system naturally accepts graphics processor Nvidia, Intel and AMD. Valve says it has added support for movies, TV and music to SteamOS, but the video content is only from the Steam store, which has a small number of movies, and the music is only available to the local file collection.

October 2015, updates allowed Netflix and other protected content digital rights management exist navigator This unit is built in.Overall, Nvidia’s proprietary graphics driver linux Provides performance comparable to Windows drivers due to a widely shared code base across platforms.

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