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Silicon Valley is a region in northern California that is considered the birthplace of technological innovation. It is located south of San Francisco Bay and includes the entire Santa Clara County, the largest of which is San Jose.It has a GDP Similar to small countries such as Chile, accounting for nearly 15% of the US GDP.

The base camp of many big names in the science and technology industry

Silicon Valley gets its name from silicon, Material Solids used in production semiconductorThe origin of the name is that there are a large number of companies specializing in new technologies and innovations, such as HP, Apple, Facebook, Adobe, Intel, PayPal too Than the alphabet (parent company Google).

Many great innovations in the modern world originated in this nursery: transistors in 1947, integrated circuit In 1961, and then microprocessor In 1971, First computer staffApple In 1976, the portal the Internet the year 1995. Silicon Valley is closely related to the military and university departments, which are also fertile ground for innovation.

Silicon Valley’s impact on the world

It is Silicon Valley where we owe many trends in the business world. The concept of start-ups or “office hours” originated in northern California. More generally, many ideologies flourish in universities, communities, and groups. pressure Valley: Neoliberalism, Liberalism, Objectivism or more recently TranshumanismThe latter is well illustrated by the recent rise of professional companies, such asartificial intelligence (AI), robotics, precision medicine, Self-driving car orInternet of Things.

Although Silicon Valley has a leading position in the world’s innovation field, there is very little production in Silicon Valley, which specializes in research, design, and development activities.

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