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Polycom is one of the leaders in the video conferencing market. Video, sound, image, no chance. These systems are designed to equip meeting rooms or offices and offer unparalleled reliability and versatility on the current market.These smart solutions use webcam and microphone, and can organize meetings with multiple collaborators.

Video conferencing plays an increasingly important role in networking world of work. Regardless of the field of activity, meetings are destined to be dematerialized.globalization, democratization Telecommuting is an element that facilitates the development of video conferencing tools. Today, you can equip yourself with Polycom tools to meet the requirements of your area of ​​expertise.

Audio and video requirements

companies are asking about their employee become reagent, communicate with each other and discuss ongoing projects. This collaborative work involves communication tools that must meet the needs of workers.

Polycom solutions bring together the best in audio and video technology. Personal workspaces or company premises can be outfitted. The webcam has optimized optics for clear images.Zoom adaptation action and focal length is flexible. These tools adapt to new practices in the world of work: more functionality, but above all unlimited mobility.

Most Polycom devices are equipped with audio and video capabilities. Therefore, they constitute a single and unique device. Simply plug in a USB webcam to share images and sound with collaborators. Communication is fluid, simplified and high quality. No need to manage multiple devices and peripherals at the same time.

Polycom Corporation

The company was established in 1990 Polycom Make voice communication and telepresence solutions professional. These tools enable companies to expand their activities globally.

The company created the first phone to allow conferences in 1992. Since then, the American company has continued to innovate and become the leader in the video conferencing market. Polycom tools are appreciated for their reliability by professionals who work from home and need to equip themselves to meet the demands of the job. Companies looking to implement custom solutions in their meeting rooms turn to Polycom.

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