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one missile Hypersonic, it is a weapon designed to travel at a certain speed and reach a target speed greater than about five times speed of sound. Experts say speeds greater than Mach 5 and speeds greater than 6,100 km/h.for physicist People who study aerodynamics, indeed, hypersonics correspond to speeds much higher than the speed of sound. Hypersonic. Certain phenomena thus become dominant. For example, kinetic energy heating can bring equipment to temperatures around 1,000°C.

Note that, strictly speaking, there are two hypersonic weapons today. The hypersonic cruise missile works on the same principle as its subsonic cousin.those called glider Hypersonic launch to the outsideatmosphere through ballistic missiles – even space launcher – Then release into the upper atmosphere and glide to their target. has been following the curvature of the earth. Both can carry conventional charges, but also nuclear charges.

Hypersonic missiles are difficult to intercept

Hypersonic missiles have two or even three big advantages or disadvantages, depending on which side you’re on. They may have a greater range than conventional missiles.We’re talking at least 1,000 km, but probably 3,000 km kilometer. In addition, hypersonic missiles can maneuver almost throughout their flight. A way to ensure accuracy. Moreover, the possibility of modifying their trajectory and even the target is offered to those who launch them. Also, hypersonic missiles are, by definition, extremely fast. Here, the weapons you use are hard to spot. And harder to block.

The development of this type of weapon started in 2018 cold war. France is developing a hypersonic missile and intends to equip its strategic forces by 2035. But in early 2022, only four countries announced that they had developed hypersonic missiles: the United States – but its tests appear to be inconclusive – , China, North Korea – for this announcement dated January 2022, Be cautious — and Russia. The latter will use it for the first time to attack a weapons warehouse in the Ukrainian city of Deliatin during the battle on March 18, 2022.Hypersonic missile called Kinjal – for “dagger”in Russian – using its high speed to destroy a hard-to-hit target with more conventional missiles.

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