Decathlon never ceases to amaze, this sherpa jacket in pure Lapland style is more than ten euros off


When it gets cold we need very warm clothes. So you should have the best ones, especially if you are going to a ski resort or spending time in the mountains. is the sherpa jacket in pure Lapland style. He is in Decathlon.

You are going to want it as soon as you see it because it is also now at a discount. Run before the price goes up!

How is the sherpa jacket in the pure Lapland style of Decathlon

The magic of Lapland in a garment. This is how they define it on the website of this sports store that solves our lives with each of the disciplines that we can do.

It is the Sherpa Levi fleece jacket that has been specifically designed to provide comfort and thermal protection outdoors or in the tranquility of your home. and also stands out for being made of 100% polyester.

stands out because combine two colors: black and also beige, in lamb format for the coldest days of the year. It closes with a zipper and it is clear that it is the ideal garment to wear during a day of skiing or when you go to the mountains for the weekend.

What do we wear this jacket with?

With this type of clothing you can go everywhere. It goes perfect with those black ski pants that combine perfectly with the black color of the print. Also with mountain pants and many other warm clothes that you can also buy directly on the same website or in the Decathlon stores that you have in a variety of places throughout geography.

Decathlon never ceases to amaze, this sherpa jacket in pure Lapland style is more than ten euros off

discount sherpa jacket

Since we are at parties, there is nothing better than finding these clothes at a discount. Because that way you can always give a gift to a friend or loved one and you’ll look great. Especially if you go to a rural house and make the invisible friend.

Right now, the garment has a 12% discount. If before it cost 79 euros, now you have it for 69 euros. an offer that always goes well to be able to save and also get high quality garments for this winter season. By the way, if you are in the store, you can get some thicker socks also during ski days or in these months that we have in mind.

The offer won’t last long, so don’t sleep. The sizes now available are XL, M, L, 2 XL for a diversity of bodies. To her!


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