Debutante Ball: Marta Luisa’s daughter debuts in Paris with a tiara


For yet another year, Paris has become a meeting point for the new generations of cosmopolitan youth thanks to the Debutante Ball. This event exudes splendor and glamor on all four sides and this is demonstrated by the Haute Couture dresses worn by the attendees and their companions. Over the years, Spain has had several important representatives in the city of Siena. From the children of Cayetano Martínez de Irujo and Genoveva Casanova to the twins of Julia Iglesias.

This presentation in society serves as a coming-out for new names of the jet set that should be followed closely. It is there where the Leah Isadora from Norway. The second daughter of Marta Luisa has become one of the queen influencers of the Nordic country thanks to her content on TikTok and Instagram, where she has thousands of followers.

At just 17 years old, the granddaughter of the Norwegian King and Queen has made her debut at a public event in which she has become a revelation, among other things due to the spectacular Giambattista Valli that got into Leah Isadora looked sublime in this flowing dress with an asymmetrical cut in shades of pink. A design that belongs to the autumn-winter 2017 collection. Although the jewel in the crown was the use of tiara Brilliant on your part. A diamond tiara set in platinum but not owned by the Norwegian royal jeweler. Be that as it may, it is common for the royals wear this accessory in their public debut. So did her cousin, the crown princess ingrid alexandra.

It should be noted that the Norwegian Royal House has been in the spotlight in recent weeks, precisely with Leah Isadora’s mother, Marta Luisa, as the protagonist. The daughter of Harald and Sonia decided to renounce her royal obligations after becoming engaged to the shaman Durek Verrett: «Princess Marta Luisa wants to help to distinguish more clearly her own activities and the connection she maintains with the royal house. Therefore, she renounces her official functions and will no longer represent the royal house,” the statement issued said.

The Paris Debutante Ball has also had a Spanish accent. put it Ignatius of Bourbon. The finalist of the last edition of survivors was selected as cavalier Annabel Zimmer, daughter of the German musician Hans Zimmer, one of the favorite musicians of Don Felipe and Doña Letizia. In the photos shared by himself, Ignacio is seen dressed in a black tuxedo suit combined with a white shirt, bow tie and sash. The fact that he is chosen as a companion does not mean that they have a bond, but rather that the organizer, Ophéile Renouard, brings them together according to their tastes and affinities with the aim of forming “a promising duet that will shine.”


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