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Bottomless It is a bottomless book stretching through the depths. Or maybe it just pulls in an obvious way. But BottomlessBook of zones and shapes (Jekyll & Jill) Alvaro Cortina Urdampilleta is a book about almost everything. Or a lot. Robocop, Unamuno, Chateaubriand, John Carpenter, Tacito o Glow… On the strip, Vila-Matas writes: “But what have you done, Alvaro Cortina? Who pushed you to look for fiction that is trying to do something that you have never tried? ” I do not know. Its editor Victor Gomollon tells me that it is unclassifiable, strange, necromantic, hypnotic, scientific, lyrical, sometimes funny, sometimes absurd … I would add that this is a wardrobe book that will last me a long time. time. If I finish.

From recent readings, a few things are repeated: Deborah Kerr in The life and death of Colonel Airship (1943), William Powell and Emerick Pressburger (The Archers). On Deborah The Notorious José Luis Garci, a lengthy interview with the actress, is one of the first films they talk about. The film, which Churchill hated and tried to boycott (he did not allow Laurence Olivier to participate, leaving him in the army) is called a cult film. One of the most unusual in British cinema. And Alvaro Cortina talks about her too.

Kerr told Garci that this is a really special movie. Powell, with whom he will have a relationship at the time of filming, told him that the three roles (and the idea of ​​a three is what Alvaro Cortina insists on. Bottomless) were supposed to be Wendy Hillier, but she got pregnant. Kerr explains how the Archers worked. Powell directed, Pressburger wrote, and both produced. “Pressburger in plateau I never thought about anything technical. He corrected dialogues, invented situations, spoke a lot to Michael in his ear, but never, at least publicly, did he mention anything related to the production or how the translators acted … ”And he continues that it was an unforgettable shooting … So everyone had the feeling that they were doing something of their own. He also remembers the scene of his farewell to the character of Roger’s wife. And when Powell said, “Filmed!” They saw William Wyler and Alexander Korda standing behind the camera, who received them with enthusiasm.

Colonel airship It starts during World War II and goes backwards. To other wars, to other worlds. An elderly British soldier recalls his life. His friendship with a German or his disobedience to the instructions of helping a beautiful compatriot in trouble. Much more, of course. AND Deborah Kerr – three women (Edith, Barbara and Angela). Alvaro Cortina writes about this in one of the chapters of his book. Deborah Kerr from the trio. Deborah Kerr for All Seasons. I like it when he writes: “Well, according to the scheme of this film The English people produce Deborah Kerr every two generations.“. And also: “As I said, this film seriously supports the fact that Dizziness this is only an assumption: that is, the cosmic possibility of a lady, repeated by a millimeter. But also, The life and death of Colonel Airship he challenges the historical figure of a double because he represents a triplet. Triple, to be precise. The truth is, Powell and Pressburger are making a film with a stunning cinematic perspective. It’s an endless movie. You never see the background. You can watch it ten times and it will look new. you.

And yes, I love being given modern (literary) excuses to talk about Deborah Kerr. Of the three, Deborah Kerr.

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