‘Dear Diary’ Claims 75 Creative Minds Award at IFFI – NewsFinale


Team Purple, with their newly minted “Dear Diary,” was named the winner of the 75 Creative Minds of Tomorrow Talent Campus, a segment of the International Film Festival of India, on Saturday.

Held for its second year, the event involved participants, ranging in age from 18 to 35, hailing from different aspects of cinema and from all over India.

Among his challenges was working in five teams and producing a short film in just 53 hours and with a budget of no more than $1,000.

The winning film “Dear Diary” told the story of a woman who is forced to face her past trauma when she meets her sister, who wants to visit the same place where her abuse previously took place.

Organized by the National Film Development Corporation, in collaboration with Shorts TV, the contest resulted in the creation of five short films that will be broadcast on Shorts TV starting at 9:00 p.m. on Sunday. The winning team also received a cash prize.

The films were judged by a three-member jury chaired by celebrated filmmaker Mani Ratnam along with Shorts TV CEO and founder Carter Pilcher and Armstrong Pame, Under-Secretary (Films-I) at the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

Pilcher said the teams interpreted the challenge of looking at India in 2047 differently. “One was about futuristic technology and how it disenfranchises relationships and the importance of relationships. Another was about the new India and about a woman whose husband’s family wants him to wear a nose ring to her engagement. In the third movie, all the parents are single parents and the boy discovers that it is possible to have a mom or dad. Another film is about a world where paper money has disappeared.

“The five short films produced by ‘Creative Minds of Tomorrow’ show their vision of [email protected] and it is commendable that the best movie “Dear Diary” not only has a female lead, but was also directed by a female. This is a testament to India’s nari shakti (women’s power) and how the country’s women are leading the transformation in all sectors,” said Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Singh Thakur.

“It is important to note that 75 Creative Minds of Tomorrow was conceived as a platform for creatively minded young people to find an outlet for expression in terms of their skills, talent and artistry, whether it be: storytelling, acting, directing, producing. . , cinematography, art design, animation and more, to encourage and empower young people to achieve cinematic excellence through access to the movie business at Film Bazaar, master classes from renowned industry experts, and Unprecedented networking opportunities at the 53rd India International Film Festival.”

Thakur said that in future editions, the number of participants would increase by one, equaling the number of years since India achieved independence.

The other four films were: “Antardrishti” (The Insight) by Team Orange, “The Ring” by Team Yellow, “Almost” by Team Green and “Sau Ka Note” (100 rupee note) by Team Pink.


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