David Bisbal posted an intimate video before his daughter was born


Celebration day of the Bisbal Zanetti family.Contracted marriage David Bisbal and Rosana Zanetti October 26th this year is his youngest daughter’s birthday. To celebrate this day, Bisbal surprised his followers with some photos Come to the world of Bianca. “This is what we were like a year ago, on the way to the hospital. Rosannita contracted and calmed down, and I lost nervously!!! Typical of us! A few hours later, on the 26th, Our baby is here! ! Happy first birthday to the youngest girl in the family! ! ! Congratulations! ! we love you. I love you. October 26, 2020″.

Just a few days ago, Zanetti admitted to the media that her husband was very nostalgic because when he was touring in the United States, I can’t celebrate the girl’s first birthday at home, And showed the urgency of this Almeria native to post on Instagram, he shouted his love for the little girl in life on the roof.

Although someone from Corazón Latino is very conservative with the media when talking about the most personal things in his life, through his social network, this is not the case. He usually shares many personal moments, plans and reflections with his followers. Time with children, dates with his wife, love for plants, cycling or even rehearsals, the musician has hardly taught his followers the plot. The truth is that although Bisbal was known for keeping his distance from colleagues in the first edition of Operación Triunfo, he has always admitted that it was due to his followers.

Rosanna Zanetti and David Bisbal with their children / GTRES

It must be remembered that the program as a shuttle puts the choice of the winner in the hands of the public, and Andalusians are always one of the most popular.

David Bisbal and Chenoa in'OT' / GTRES
David Bisbal and Chenoa in’OT’ / GTRES

As soon as he left the prestigious academy, the musician’s career took off like his classmates. Although it was Rosa López who won the competition and the night of Chenoa or David Bustamante was very popular in our territory, Bisbal became International artist. From the first moment his daily life was broadcast by Primera de TVE, the man from Almeria began to attract a large number of followers Unconditional people, so far, have won the hearts of their idols. It is for them that David opened his Instagram posts for his life, and some publications are followed by about 4 million and 200,000 people every day.

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