David Bisbal breaks down when remembering an important person in his life


David Bisbal He is experiencing a very important moment for his professional facet. The singer has just celebrated his twentieth anniversary in music and is going to celebrate it in a very special way, with twenty concerts in the capital. Last weekend, the man from Almeria performed in his native land in the company of prominent artists, such as his classmate Triumph operationRosa López, and now, already in Madrid, she has announced a tour for this anniversary.

David Bisbal, smiling during an act in Madrid.

The singer has offered a press conference in the Teatro Albéniz, in which he has been accompanied by Narcis Rebollo and Jesus Lopez. David Bisbal has been very emotional in this presentation, in which he has talked about some of the most outstanding moments of his career. The artist has barely been able to contain his emotion when remembering a loss that he has had to face in recent times and that affected him greatly.

David Bisbal
David Bisbal visibly moved at an event in Madrid.

With tears in his eyes, the man from Almería has recognized that “there is a person who takes care of him from heaven.” Is about Eduardo Mena, who died suddenly last July as a result of a failure in the aorta artery. David Bisbal himself dedicated a few words to him on his Instagram account. This is not a sad day where you upload a photo with that person to remember good times. Rather it is a day in which you do not feel like doing anything because your heart has woken up with an important part less. I know that time will pass and I will continue without understanding that he is not like every day, his laughter. All! God, I can’t talk, I’ll just sing, I’ll sing as loud as I can so he can hear me wherever he is.”, wrote the singer. The artist has not been able to contain the emotion when remembering his friend, whom he misses very much.

David Bisbal
David Bisbal in an act in Madrid.

The man from Almeria has also talked about rose lopez, with whom he counted for his special concert in the city of Almería last weekend. David Bisbal has said that Rosa López was the only one of the program companions whom he knew before entering the talent of Spanish Television and he has related an anecdote from the moment he met her, at a fair where he heard her interpret a song by the singer Whitney Houston. Likewise, David Bisbal has not hesitated to dedicate a few words to his wife, the Venezuelan Rosanna Zanetti and he has ensured that for him it is a great support in every way. Although he has become one of the most prominent faces on the music scene, the artist acknowledges that his greatest success is his family, of which he feels very proud.


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