David Beckham’s lucrative sponsorship deals


Tthroughout his successful football career, David Beckham was chosen by many well-known brands as their main representative.

First England International will become the face World Cup 2022 and his deal with Qatar will earn him £ 150 million over the next 10 years as their official ambassador.

“David believes in Qatar’s commitment to progress and that world Cup – the first event in the Arab world – can lead to significant positive change, ”- said a source to Sun.

“He strongly believes in football’s ability to bridge differences, but crucially, he has seen progress on important issues.”

The Qatar deal is just one of many confirmations that have reportedly led to a sharp increase in its net worth to a staggering £ 330 million.

Let’s take a look at some sponsorship offers. Beckham has strengthened over the past two decades.

Adidas, Armani, Pepsi and others …

Many major brands have contacted us Beckham over the years to make him the face of his brand, with an Englishman writing pen on paper in a lifelong deal with Adidas, who reportedly paid him £ 115 million for his services.

Beckham also made sponsorship deals with watchmakers Tudor, brand of whiskey Haig Club, Emporio armani and Gillettewho also had agreements with famous athletes such as Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and Thierry Henry.

Back in 2004 Beckhamcontract with Gillette estimated at three million pounds a year, with the first Manchester United legend who made a £ 50 million deal with Haig Club in 2014 and £ 20 million from Armani

In 2017, he also signed a long-term contract with a video game manufacturer. Konami for an undisclosed fee, and back in 1998 he struck a deal with Pepsi for an estimated fee of two million pounds a year until 2008, when they went their separate ways.

According to Sun, the fashion house Kent and Curven, supermarket chain Sainsbury’s and the luxury car brand Jaguar also offered Beckham profitable confirmations in the past.

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