Danilo: Guardiola probably puts his wife on the couch as if she were a football player.


NSep Guardiola coincided with the current Juventus back Danilo v Manchester and the latter jokingly commented on his former coach’s passion for football.

Danilo joined Sky Blues in 2017 from real Madrid and stayed in England for a couple of years before moving to Italy to sign with the then Serie A champions. Juventus

“I tried to learn from everyone [my coaches], ” Danilo said La Repubblica.

“It was with Guardiola that I changed my outlook on things, although I played little because of the injury.

“It is true that to maintain a good relationship with [Guardiola]…

“He never relaxes, he thinks about football all the time. I think that at home, at night, he puts his wife on the sofa, as if she were a player on the field. “

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