Danger in Spain due to the arrival of an atmospheric river that will put these areas on alert


AEMET has activated the alert in these areas, before the arrival of an atmospheric river that will bring unstable weather to our country. Prepare the umbrella and the coat, because this week of December you will need them. Efraín is the name of the new Storm that is defeating all of Europe, including Spain. The collapse can come from the hand of heavy rains which can even turn into snow. Take note of how the atmospheric river will affect you.

The arrival of an atmospheric river that will put these regions of Spain on high alert is imminent

Bad weather is real in these complicated days of December. After a very long bridge for many, we find ourselves facing a series of atmospheric problems that will continue the bad weather on the territory. If you live in these areas, be very careful.

The heavy rains will arrive in much of the country. A phenomenon widely expected, but also dangerous. The fact that several liters of water fall at the same time in a short time is known as a cold drop, which could cause serious damage to the territory. This season’s atypical rainfall pattern means that water is expected with anticipation, but also with caution.

According to the AEMET prediction: “Cloudy or overcast sky in most of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands. Abundant rains, sometimes stormy, in the northwest of the peninsula and on the southern Atlantic slope, and which can be locally heavy or persistent. In most of the rest of the peninsula there will also be rainfall, but less abundant, being weak and less likely in the Mediterranean area and the Balearic Islands. In the Canary Islands, partly cloudy or with high clouds.

The state agency also warns of a moderate risk due to the arrival of a storm which sums up: “Locally heavy or persistent precipitation in the areas of the Atlantic slope of the peninsula. Snow and frost in the Pyrenees. Strong wind intervals in areas of the northern half, the Balearic Islands, the interior of the Valencian Community, the southeastern tips of the peninsula, the Strait and the mountains of Toledo”.

It will be time to fully enter winter more difficult at this time of year when wind, rain and snow are a reality. Avoid traveling if you live in areas where the water and wind alert for this atmospheric river is activated.


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