Dana Leonte’s Boyfriend: ‘I’m Super Calm Because I’m Innocent’


Malaga, (EFE).- The boyfriend of Dana Leonte, investigated for a crime of homicide following the disappearance of his partner in Arenas (Málaga) on June 12, 2019, assured that he is “super calm” because he is “innocent”, and wished “everything would end soon” to get his daughter back (the daughter in common with the victim).

The court of first instance and instruction number 4 of Vélez-Málaga had summoned him this Friday for an appearance with his lawyer, the prosecutor and the private prosecutor’s office to establish the facts and check if there was evidence to be carried out before to transfer them to the corresponding accusatory and defense briefs.

During the appearance before the judge, the accused did not have to testify but he answered questions from the journalists to reiterate his innocence and his wish that the jury trial take place quickly because, according to him, all the charges brought against him and the police the reports are lies: “I am innocent,” he said.

“He left and that’s it, I don’t know anything else about what happened next,” said the investigator, who is on bail, and stressed that he wanted everything to be ok. stop “and be able to get my daughter back”. “

Dana Leonte’s boyfriend, in prison in 2019

The Court of First Instance and Instruction number 4 dand Velez-Malaga agreed to commence trial proceedings in Jury Court on July 5.

Dana Leonte’s boyfriend entered temporary prison on September 28, 2019 after the discovery of a woman’s femur in the field, a few kilometers from the family home, but on June 30, 2020 he was released on bail of 8,000 euros .

The defendant’s attorney indicated that he continues to ask for the case to be dismissed and that he has several reports that contradict what the investigators say, such as the fact that bleach can eliminate traces of blood.

The Junta de Andalucía initially agreed that Dana Leonte’s daughter would stay in foster care with the brother of the person under investigation, but later the Magistrate’s Court Number 16 in Malaga ruled. ordered that the minor be handed over to her maternal uncle so that she could remain under guardianship and in foster care.

This point was later upheld by the Provincial Court of Malaga, a decision which was final as the appeal by minors to the Supreme Court was inadmissible.

Dana’s uncle: “How do you feel, murderer?”

The maternal uncle, Florín Leonte, also went to court this Friday and when he came across the indicted person, he asked him: “How do you feel, murderer?”, saying that he trusts justice but regrets that he is free.

“I’m fine because at least things are starting to move and the light is starting to be seen at the end of the tunnel”, assured the maternal uncle: “I let justice do its job and I hope it does. “

For her part, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Antonia Barba, said that there is enough evidence to file a charge of the crime of murder and that today was the previous step before formulating the corresponding charges and , later it will be transferred to the defense for your brief.

The lawyer recalled that there is a geotagging report that places him in the area where the woman’s femur appeared, who was the last person who was with her, as well as various police reports that recorded the accusation brought against him. EFE

Web editor: Luis Ortega


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