Damn it, the bull world is in suspense: when will Roca Rey return?


On August 25, the audience that filled the rows of the renovated Vistalegre bullring in Bilbao attended an epic evening of the bullfighter. Andres Roca Rey at the bullfight in Victoriano del Rio. It was the celebration that drew the most attention at some of the general bullfights that did not attract the attention of fans. There were many empty seats almost in the afternoon, except for the first one, which had a signed Peruvian bullfighter.

Rock Rey’s delivery was top notch, and when he finished the task to his first bull of the day was caught in a very cumbersome way. Obviously in pain, he killed him with a strong blow, for which he was awarded an ear and went to the infirmary in the square. Just when it seemed that he would not come out and that El Juli, as the director of the fight, would have to face the sixth bull, the Peruvian bullfighter appeared and went back to the land where everything was on fire. Roca Rey won, not without another blow, and this time, yes, the president gave him two ears.

Rock Rey’s historic day in Bilbao cost him a brutal beating that could keep him out of the ring for a while at a time when it’s most needed and when there’s more celebration. The mere presence of the Peruvian bullfighter on posters makes the stalls fill up and its absence can cause a lot of headaches employers to find a replacement who can fill them in the same way.

Roca Rey after being beaten

On Friday 26 August Talavante replaced him on the second day he signed in Bilbao, on Saturday the 27th Morante de la Puebla did so in Linares and on Sunday the 28th the reappearing Emilio de Justo did it’s in Ehea de. Los Caballeros. De Justo will also replace him at Taracona de Aragon on Monday 29th of this month. Ahead is the question of the celebrations that are planned for the coming weeks: the 30th in Colmenar Viejo, the 1st of September in Palencia, the 2nd in Baiona, the 3rd in Goyesca de Ronda, the 4th in San Sebastian de los Reyes, on the 9th in San Martin de Valdeiglesias, on the 13th in Murcia, on the 15th in Albacete, on the 16th in Guadalajara, on the 17th in Nimes, on the 18th in Salamanca, on the 21st th in Logroño and on the 24th in Seville. . In October, for now, he has noon in Ubeda on the 2nd and the closing of the Madrid Autumn Fair in Las Ventas on the 12th.

Awaiting Medical Examination

In a press release issued last Saturday from Seville, where Roca Rey lives, the bullfighter’s team said they are waiting for “new tests that could diagnose the disease.” severe back pain“. In this letter, they indicated that “After the first examinations, a large contracture was found at the dorso-lumbar level, intense swelling of the soft tissues in the left wrist and right ankle, and a severe effusion with instability in the right knee.” They expect the “inflammation to subside so that X-rays can be taken and a medical diagnosis can be made.”

The bullfighter’s intention is to “appear as soon as possible”, but now “he is suffering from pain that prevents him from moving”, and doctors have advised him “You must continue to rest”. A few days before the taking of Bilbao, Roca Rey suffered another setback in the Almería bullring on the day Emilio de Justo reappeared. During the 2019 San Ysidro fair, he was caught in Las Ventas, after which he tried to continue the fight, but he had to shorten the season that summer and did not appear in Spain until 2021.

In an interview with the Telecinco news, in which he was visibly bruised, he assured that the day in Bilbao was “a day of selflessness, great love and passion for this great philosophy of life, which is bullfighting.” “Afraid of dying? Well, you’re always afraid of the unknown”, assured Rock Ray, who said that “sometimes for a dream to come true, you also have to be willing to lose everything in the moment.” “Man completely renounces himself in every respect,” he concluded.

Serious fuck with Manuel Dioslegard

The day of August 28, 1947 is marked by a fire in the history of bullfighting. That day the bull islander de Miura tipped Manuel Rodriguez Manolete mortally wounded in the bullring in Linares. The monster died a few hours later. Last Sunday marked the 75th anniversary of the event, with numerous celebrations taking place across Spain. From Linares, where Morante participated in the Miura bullfight with Rafaelillo and Curro Diaz, to Las Ventas, passing through Bilbao, Sanlúcar de Barrameda or Cuellar.

In this Segovia town, the ghost of the day of Linares flew over the lines when the bullfighter from Salamanca Manuel Dioslegarde he was caught by Sebad Gago’s bull about to kill. Dioslegarde, who opted for the alternative in Santander last July, suffered a horrific contusion in his right thigh that damaged his femoral artery and vein. The bullfighter was stabilized in the infirmary in the square and transported to Valladolid, where he was operated on for more than six hours.


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