Dallas Mavericks hope to get Doncic back ASAP


luka doncic will miss Dallas Mavericksplayoff opening match against Utah Jazz due to overexertion of the left calf, while he is also questionable in the second game.

Doncic injured in the team’s regular season finals against San Antonio Spursa game that didn’t matter to Mavericks since they’ve already made it to the playoffs. The Slovenian has not been able to train since his injury and has a race ahead of him to get back in shape as soon as possible.

“He’s in a good mood and seems to be getting better.” Mavericks trainer Jason Kidd said.

“If he’s injured and can’t play, we’re not going to throw him in there to put him in danger or put him in a situation that makes things worse.”

Dallas hopes for 2020 repeat

It won’t be the first time Doncic brilliantly returned to action after the end of the season. In 2020, I have big doubts until the last moment in the fourth game against Los Angeles Clippers due to a sprained ankle, but scored 43 points and had 17 rebounds and 11 assists in a 3-point buzzer win.

last year, Doncic suffered a sprained cervical spine in the third game against Clippers but he was able to recover a few days later and had 42 points, eight rebounds and 14 assists in Game 5.

One step above Michael Jordan in the playoffs

Doncic he played 13 playoff games averaging 33.5 points. Bulls of Chicago legend Michael Jordanmeanwhile, he averaged 33.4 points in his career in 179 playoff games. certainly, Doncic has yet to win an NBA title, while Jordan won six championships.

this season Doncic became the fifth leading scorer in the NBA (28.4 points), as well as fifth in the assists table (8.7), and also added 9.1 rebounds.

His game usually becomes more important in the playoffs, so Mavericks will be missing a key player against Utah Jazz on Saturday and Spencer Dinwiddie and Jalen Brunson will be under pressure to fill the Slovenian’s hole.

NBA players who suffered from calf sprains were out of action for an average of 16 days. Mavericks will desperately need Doncic be out for less time than that.


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