Dallas Cowboys NFL: Keanu Neal missed Thursday practice due to injury


01/15/2022 –

B.advertising news for Dallas Cowboys Ahead of next weekend, a late report came in regarding linebacker Keanu Neal with a double injury. The veteran missed Thursday’s workout with the rest of his teammates due to chest and elbow problems. Michael Galken of the Dallas Morning News reported it first. Neil was present at the training, but practically did not participate, as he was in pain throughout the session. Keanu was not fully functional even while running without pads, which is alarming for the Cowboys. If he continues like this on Saturday, Neil may miss upcoming game on Sunday.

The Dallas Cowboys will play the San Francisco 49ers. on Sunday and he will continue to be closely monitored during the day before the game. His inclusion in the starting line-up will be decided at the last moment. If for some reason Neil is unable to participate in the wildcard game, both Luke Gifford and Francis Bernard ready to take his position on the field as midfielders. Nile was trying to prepare for this pivotal game, and his absence would be a huge blow to the Cowboys’ playoff aspirations. He was an important component of an impressive team. 12-5 runs during the regular season.

Pollard and Smith are fully recovered by Sunday.

But it’s not all bad news for Dallas Cowboys as Tony Pollard and Tyrone Smith returned to full health with the Cowboys and will play Sunday vs. 49ers. Based on Friday’s latest report, it’s possible Keanu Neal was completely out of the game on Sunday. However, there will be another report on Saturday that will likely match his absence. Nile possibly the player with the highest blitz risk for opposing quarterbacks than cowboys was the whole season. That’s exactly what they can lose on Sunday if he misses the game. Neil was injured during his last game against Philadelphia Eagles.


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