Dallas Cowboys NFL: America’s Team Wants to Change Horrible Playoff History


TI have Dallas cowboys had a great regular season, it is however not a secret that only causes excitement among their large fan base, but this excitement can cause disappointment and frustration if “Team America” ​​is unable to capitalize on this clear progress in breaking their limit, Divisional games .

But they won’t play that game this week, uh Wild Card Round, an occasion where Dallas has been undefeated since the 2006 season when they lost to the Seattle Seahawks on January 6, 2007 in a game marked by the biggest mistake in history. Tony Romoa career that originated not in his job as a quarterback, but as an Argentine kicker holder Martin Grammar when he failed to control the moment of a short field goal and ended up losing by a close score of 21–20.

Duck Prescott will continue to surpass Tony Romo

These horror stories are what Duck Prescott and the company want to avoid, and it was Prescott and Romo who once again combined their last names when Duck broke the record for most campaign touchdowns in franchise history in the last game of the season.

But for Prescott separating himself from Romo and catching up with the Hall of Fame Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman can only happen if they dominate not only their division in the regular season, but also their conference in the playoffs.

Words by Mike McCarthy

“That’s something we’ve been talking about since April and we’ve had goals all along that we’ve scored,” head coach Mike McCarthy said last Saturday. “Twelve wins in a season is a good year, but more importantly, it’s hard to put yourself in a good position in any year. We just want to make sure everyone is doing what they have to do. Playing Saturday night means we’re back at 4:00 so we really need to start the rest and recovery process and be ready to go.”


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