Daily “Flying in the Sky Donuts” at Yamazaki Convenience Store Compete with Mister Donut


Convenience store donuts are making their way to the top of the Japanese donut world.

If you’re a regular SoraNews24 follower, you probably already know that we love the Japanese Mister Donut chain. Between their regular selection of classic flavors, their Pokémon donuts, and their ever-changing rotation of seasonal and limited edition flavors, they keep us coming back for donuts every time.

But Mister Donut may have a new competitor, a strong contender for “Japan’s best donuts” (according to us and probably others). And they’re not even a donut shop! Daily Yamazaki Grocery Store just started selling “Sora Tobu donuts” (“Flying in the Sky Donuts”) and they are amazingly delicious.

They are part of Daily Yamazaki Hot every day line, all of which are fresh on site. However, not all Daily Yamazaki offer Daily Hot products, so the Sora Tobu donut will not be available in every store. Where they are, they sell for 140 yen (US$1.02) each.

Our Japanese-language reporter PK Sanjun knew that the quality of Yamazaki’s Daily Hot line was extremely good, but he didn’t know about their new donuts. Of course that meant had to go out and try it immediately.

Wondering how it could compare, PK also bought it Mister Donut Sugar Donut (151 yen), which is the nearest Mister Donut Sora Tobu. Although it has a hole, it has similar sugar sprinkles, so they seemed comparable. Full disclosure: Sugar Raised is Mister Donut PK’s favorite, so his opinion may be a bit biased.

▼ Sugar Raised Mister Donut on the left, Sora Tobu Daily Yamazaki on the right

After trying both, PK neatly summed up his impressions of each:

Sugar Raised – It had the lightness it wanted, and PK says its airy texture, without an ounce of weight, is the best.
Sora Tobu – While it doesn’t exactly match Sugar Raised’s lightness, it does some elasticity and moisture to what Sugar Raised lacks.

Sugar Raised – It was full of wheat flavor. It has a very simple aroma that brings out the umami in the dough.
Sora Tobu – Since then sprinkled with Sudaki sugar produced on the remote island of Amami Oshima, southwest of Japan, has a gradually increasing sweetness. The taste of sugar is stronger than cakes.

Sugar Raised – It has a mild sweetness that is almost refreshing despite being a donut. It’s almost more like low sugar bread.
Sora Tobu – His sweetness is reserved and simple. It’s less sweet than your average donut, but sweeter than Sugar Raised.

If he were to make a general assessment, he would have to say so both donuts are equally delicious. Whether you agree or not depends on your personal preferences. At least PK feels confident saying it Sora Tobu Donut far surpasses other grocery store donuts.

Plus, he had to admit that the mere fact that a grocery store donut could compete in the same ring as the almighty Mister Donut is an impressive feat. If you’re looking for a delicious, light donut for breakfast or afternoon tea, you can’t go wrong with a Sora Tobu donut, provided there’s a Daily Hot Daily Yamazaki in your area.

By the way, Yamazaki’s other Daily Hot Daily products are amazing too. If you’re a fan of freshly baked bread, you really can’t go wrong with anything they sell there!

Pictures © SoraNews24
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