DACO and FDA meet Pepa Negra again


As part of a joint operation, the Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO) and the Federal Medicines Agency (FDA) took to the streets on Tuesday morning to monitor fraudulent activities by businesses, resulting in the recall of products such as Pepa Negra and supplements containing CBD. …

According to Secretary Edan Rivera, about 15 inspectors from his agency were split into four teams, and together with FDA personnel, they visited about 50 businesses in the metropolitan area and identified 26 violations, mostly related to the sale of these products, which they claim to be are moving forward. sexual potential. Businesses visited include gas stations, sex shops, smokehouses, convenience stores, and natural supplement establishments.

Among the products DACO ordered to be removed from affected businesses were Pepa Negra – a supplement that claims to improve sexual performance – products that contain CBD and claim to have anti-inflammatory properties, as well as CBD popsicles that are not compliant. FDA.

“What is the problem we see with food additives, unusual claims, especially with their effects on health and on the body? What is it? We are talking about products that are marketed as having medicinal properties that cure certain diseases if they have not been approved by the FDA, were not in compliance with regulatory requirements, and there was no scientific or documentary evidence to support such extraordinary claims. “

For his part, Puerto Rico District FDA Director Ramon Hernandez confirmed that his agency intends to continue working with DACO to control products that may have harmful effects on public health. In this sense, he urged consumers to carefully examine the labels of these products and, if they see anything suspicious, to report it to the FDA at 1-800-332-0127.

“We urge consumers to consult with their doctor before consuming these products and not stop taking products that have been prescribed by a doctor for these products,” Hernandez added.

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