Cyril Gein “heavyweight Jon Jones” with Ngannou back in sight


Cyril Gein showed a lot against Tai Tuivasa in UFC Fight in the main event of Paris. Win, however, was nearly knocked out in the second round when Tuivasa landed a punch that knocked the former interim heavyweight champion down.

Just when it looked like there might be an upset on the cards, the Frenchman recovered and showed his best shot.

He completed his comeback in the third round with dodges and a series of punches to the opponent’s face that ended the fight.

Derek Brunson said of the Frenchman that he looked like “heavyweight John Jones”.

The best thing about Bon Gamine was not only his recovery, but the fact that he always knew where he wanted to take the fight and how he could deal more damage. Strategically, he was right.

Francis Ngannou also praised his former rival, although he noted that he was not overly impressed.

“I know he is a great fighter. Ngannou he said on the ESPN+ post-game show.

“It’s hard to answer this question about the guy I beat if he impressed me. He’s here for a reason. I fought him for a reason because he was probably the #1 contender.

“Yes, he is good. But I am a champion. So it’s really hard to impress me.”

The truth is that from what we’ve seen i winthe new duel against the Predator is looking better and better.


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