Cyborgs, twerking and reggaeton medley: this is how Rosalia’s Almería tour began


With “a de alto” and also from Almeria, this Wednesday in the capital of Andalusia, Rosalia’s New World TourAccording to EFE reports, a “show” with an age-old mentality, adapted to these multi-screen times, TikTok videos and social networks, with magical moments and in which several songs were released.

The city’s exhibition complex, which has a capacity of around 8,000 people and is “virtually sold out”, according to the organization, has accepted a Catalan artist to reveal himself live before anyone else. mothertheir third LP, which is already considered one of the best albums of the year by international critics.

It’s been two and a half years since Rosalia Vila (San Cugat del Vallès, 1992) hasn’t set foot on the tour stage, and she took advantage of that time to win a grammysolidify its position as a world star and complete an even more experimental work than the previous one bad desire (2018), in which she combines flamenco, classic reggaeton, bolero, some jazz, and the fast verb of American rappers.

This work became the main character of the repertoire, which went through all its versions within an hour and a half, as well as a large number of individual singles, such as “Dolerme” and covers of classics like “Gasolina”in contrast to the anecdotal presence of their first two albums, of which only “Malamente”, “De aqui no sales”, “De plata” and “Pienso en tu mirá” were played, but not “Di mi nombre”, “Baghdad” or “Catherine”.

Seven hours by train from Madrid, often banished from big tours, Almería could hardly have imagined that it would be the starting point for one of the year’s most highly anticipated tours, with some dedicated fans queuing for days before being given a privileged seat. position in front of his performer.

A herd burst out of the darkness cyborgs move like a motorcyclec, heads built into luminous helmets of various shapes and headed mother in high blue leather boots, which did not take long to show, exposing his face, two pigtails and sending the first of the topics, “Saoko” and it’s “girl, what are you talking about!”.

many cameras

There is not a single group in this show that gets in the way of the Catalan artist and her 8 dancers as they glide through the monochrome limbo she built as a stage; but yes, there are a lot of cameras, either at the foot of the path, or on the ceiling, or at the level of the keys of his piano, in pursuit of very balanced implementation which makes looking at the screens look like watching clips of video clips created “on the spot”.

Small shots light up in the retina that sublimate the aesthetic of the “show” without losing the importance of connecting with the public in these times of constant networking, for example when he brings a portion of his followers to a dance, he proudly displays a portrait that alone of them made of him, or rereads in unison his already anthological alphabet: “From the height to the r of the bitch.”

jumping, manufacturing twerking or from the groundRosalia is electrified by the fastest songs like “Bizcochito” or “Linda”, but the magic comes before the most emotional ones like “Dolerme” with a guitar hanging around my neck, “G3 NI5” or with “Hentai”. “at the piano

In one of the show’s highlights, she rescues De Plata, wrapped in a very long black ruffled skirt. She is alone on the stage, almost in the dark, and the electric bass accompanies her moans in the background with the spirit of rock. That’s how the first one comes big ovation of the night.

Reggaeton potpourri

There were other moments worth remembering, such as when in the second part he takes on a reggaeton medley, and there they play “La Combi Versace”, “Relation” and “Yo x ti, tú x mi” along with “Papi » Lorna. chulo”. and “Gasolina” by Daddy Yankee, shortly before suggesting several new songs that he promised would be released “at some point”, such as “Aislamiento” or “Chiri”.

“How hot, Almeria!”, she stood out, drenched in sweat, which, condensed on the floor, interfered with her choreography, when in the final part she took on such hits as “Bad” or “From Above” and a few encores for those who left “Teriyaki Chicken”“, weightless “Sakura” and “CUUUUuuuuuute”.

After this contact, the “tour” will stop next Saturday at the La Cartuja stadium in Seville and visit 8 more Spanish cities, as well as several countries on both sides of the Atlantic, before ending next December in Paris.


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