Cucumber: frozen cucumber, the cucumber returns stomping in beauty


How many times during the history of the cinema have we seen the classic image of a person sleeping with two slices of cucumber covering his eyes? It’s not by chance. This classic beauty routine has had both fans and opponents over the years. But there is evidence: it is a food with many properties. Perhaps the most prominent and appreciated is the high water level (about 97%), which makes it an ideal alternative to hydrate ourselves, either by ingesting it or applying it topically to our skin.

When it comes to use on the eyes, it is a very useful tool to remove dark circles, give brightness to the look and give it a fresher air. Due to its richness of vitamins B, C and K, cucumber is not going out of fashion. But now there are those who have dared to give it another go. And they have done it in the perfect exhibition, social networks. Attention’

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Influencers sweep TikTok by implementing a “beauty” trend that they have dubbed ‘#frozen cucumber’. What does it consist of? It is as simple as freezing an entire cucumber to later cut one end and apply it all over the face with a gentle circular massage. It is important to prevent your fingers from freezing too much as it may burn. For this, it is best to wrap the cucumber in a towel or kitchen paper and start applying.

One of the first positive effects that ticks are noticed is that when the skin redness has been removed from the cold, the pores begin to close. This results in a softer facial skin. Still, the sweet spot for #frozen cucumber is 10 days after the application started. What then? The skin will look good thanks to the moisturizing, enlightening, antioxidant and soothing effects of this vegetable.

The cucumber invents itself as a beauty ally / Gtres

Thanks to vitamin K found in cucumbers, we can treat highly pigmented dark circles, which we must add to its cold, which acts as a vasoconstrictor, slows down blood flow and decalcifies the eye contour. This is how we manage to reduce the known bags under the eyes.

This new viral beauty challenge promises to make your skin what you have always wanted. But pay attention because there is more. Beauty experts make sure that the cucumber is also useful on the outside, that is, the skin. If you massage your skin in this area often, you can prevent wrinkles from forming and sagging. As it is, it seems that the cucumber is not only a movie legend but also has many very productive uses in real life. Do you dare the “challenge”?

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