Cuban Supreme Court sentences 127 to up to 30 years in prison for July 11 protests


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This Supreme Court of Cuba condemned 127 people On the grounds of “violent subversion of the constitutional order” anti-government protests On the island on 11 July, those sentenced for this have received Sentenced to 4 to 30 years in prison.

“The court has notified the judgment and considers it to be proven and to show that on July 11, 2021, in Cape Toyo, in the municipality of Diez de Octubre, the defendant obeyed the instructions of the people of Cuba and abroad, Violent attempt to subvert the constitutional orderthe Supreme Court of the Republic of Cuba reported in the press release of the trial held from 14 December to 3 February.

According to the statement, these procedures were carried out against 129 citizens “who were accused of committing and provocative Serious riots and vandalismwith the aim of disrupting public order, collective security and the tranquillity of citizens.”

Therefore, the court ensured that “these activities were deliberately organized in the complex situation that the country is going through, as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially in the province of Havana.”

4 years and 30 years

Those sentenced were sentenced to between 4 and 30 years in prison, depending on the “level of participation”, according to the court’s text, which did not mention the age of the court.

Likewise, the court has ordered that, as “the defendant’s civil liability, Obligation to compensate the injured as a result of the act committed, and to repair the damage done to the entity”.

The U.S. embassy reacted to the trial against the demonstrators, saying “The Cuban regime has sent a message today that they protect human rights, while also sentenced dozens of 11-J demonstrators to 30 to 4 years in prison. express their freedom of speech”as posted on his official Twitter profile.


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