Cuba to hold referendum on same-sex marriage and adoption by same-sex couples


Cuban citizens to vote in referendum this Sunday equal marriageThis Same-sex couple adoption And so-called solidarity nurtures. The referendum was the first in the country to approve a specific law since the victory 1959 Revolution. president Miguel Diaz Canel His ballot had been put to the polls earlier in the day.

Diaz-Canel remains confident after vote, stresses “Yes” will be implemented in referendum. The president has waged a fierce campaign with his entire cabinet, although he has warned that a “punishment vote” is also possible.

“We have to get used to the fact that in such complex issues there are so many different criteria, and in complex situations, maybe some people even have penalty vote‘, the ruler announced to the media after leaving the school where he voted.

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Cuban leaders considered ‘Stance of Courage’ calls for referendum on complex family law issue exist unfavorable socioeconomic environmentafter two years of severe economic crisis, with “out of stock, power outage, out of stock, an important part of economic paralysis”.

those close to 24,000 schools opened They have opened at 07:00 local time. Voting will close at 6:00 p.m., according to the timetable proposed by electoral authorities.

Final results will be announced five days later, will be binding and require a simple majority (greater than 50%). The National Electoral Commission (CEN) is expected to announce preliminary results on Monday.

before approval in July this year National Assembly (Unicameral Parliament), the 25th edition of the statute was consulted extensively with communities and municipalities between February and April.

This is The only item of the 70 legal norms updated by the new constitution that will be subject to a referendum, unlike other laws such as criminal law. Furthermore, it was published in the Official Gazette on July 22 this year.

Although most controversial topic Is recognition of the possibility of equal marriage or adoption by same-sex couples, and the vast legislative package also provides for parental responsibility and so-called joint pregnancies.

A Cuban woman voted at a school in Havana on Sunday.


This family code The proposal mentions gender-based violence, bans child marriage, and protects communication between grandparents and grandchildren in the event of divorce. It covers other changes in the family environment, such as preventing domestic aggressors from demanding custody of their children, the distribution of assets, and having stepmothers and stepfathers as guardians.

The Cuban government and the entire state apparatus have launched a vigorous campaign in favour of voting yes on state media and social networks. no campaign for textalthough opponents, activists and some institutions have advocated abstention or “no” primarily in the network.



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