Cuba legalizes equal marriage and surrogacy after popular consultation


Sunday, Europe waiting expectantly preliminary results Elections in Italy, Cuban citizens voted.they do it for vote in a referendum about andhe family codea make equal marriageThis Surrogacy Adoption with same-sex couples.

“Yes” has been 66.87% of the votes, as the National Electoral Commission (CEN) reported on Monday. This means that preliminary results gave the new legislation 3,936,790 votes in favour, 1,950,090 votes, and 33.13% against.

The group’s president, Alida Balseiro, was the one who provided the data, drawn from a public consultation that highlighted a 25 percent abstention.

This referendum has the first for a specific law And the third general event in Cuba since the victory of the Revolution in 1959. LThe first two were subpoenaed to approve The 1976 Constitution and one of 2019.

A video posted by the Cuban president on Twitter showed the country’s head of state, Miguel Diaz-Canel, clapping and clapping as he learned of the outcome of the consultations at a meeting.The fact is that the Cuban government not only normative; It has also launched an active campaign on social networks in support of “Yes”.

The family law framework law, which reformed existing laws from 1975 onwards, is extensive and, in addition to equal marriage, takes into account surrogacy and adoption of children by gay couplesmarriage ban childish.It also reportedly addresses gender-based violence Eph.

[Cuba vota en referendo el matrimonio igualitario y la adopción en parejas del mismo sexo]

The 25th edition of the Family Code was widely consulted by the Cuban population between February and April, before it was approved by the National Assembly in July this year. Communities and municipalities held 79,000 meetingscollection of news agencies.

Unlike other laws such as the Penal Code, this is the only item to be referred to in a referendum among the 70 laws and regulations updated after the introduction of the new constitution.



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