Cristina Pedroche revealed her preview of the “look” of the chimes


In the final stage of 2021, Cristina Pedroche pays special attention to her wonderful appearance at Puerta del Sol, saying goodbye to Chicote this year. Vallecas has become accustomed to giving chimes On Antena 3, a dress became the protagonist of the evening, and it was also a topic for all families in our country at the New Year’s Eve dinner. But reshaping yourself is not an easy task. After 7 years of silenced audiences, it is even harder for the host to use her style to improve herself every year.

Cristina Pedroche at Puerta del Sol / Gtres

To make more buzz about what Look Pedroche ushered in 2022 under the gaze of the audience, and he revealed some details about his costume making process.’S wife Dabid Muñoz Has taken advantage of its existence in electric shock Confirm that the suit has been made: “What the clothes are already”. But he wants to make it clear that what is important is not only the clothing itself, but also the details that can transmit information through it: “Something is missing. You already know that I am more than just a piece of clothing”He admitted. Just after working on the design of this dress for a few hours, the collaborators hope that on the most special night of the year, everything will be in order and can send a message that everyone can understand. Her attire is the main channel of communication. .

Cristina Pedroche and Dabid Muñoz in Puerta del Sol / Gtres
Cristina Pedroche and Dabid Muñoz in Puerta del Sol / Gtres

Josie had revealed this goal a few months ago.Former contestant Celebrity chef He has become Christina’s right-hand man in the face of Chime, her great consultant and stylist, and she perfectly understands Christina’s ideas. Influencer: “I want to make something more informative than a skirt”, Emphasize consultants. And, although the final modification of the dress has been waiting due to a trip by Josie, this “look” will happen soon, and both will be able to finalize the details one month before the important date. Last time The joint public appearance happened earlier this month when the model shared a photo with Josie on her Instagram, and she admitted that she really wanted to “tell” about New Year’s Eve clothes.

Although this time Cristina Pedroche introduced her creative process in more detail than in previous years Full outfit At Christmas, I don’t want to reveal anything beyond what can provide clues about the appearance of the dress. this announcer Very important to surprise everyone who wants to take grapes from Antena 3For this reason, she tried to keep everything related to her outfit for Chimes. We have no choice but to wait until the evening of the 31st to see what Vallecana’s choice will be and reveal an unknown that it has become a perfect tradition from one year to the next.

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