Cristina Medina (‘La que se avecina’) revealed that she has breast cancer


Christina Medina, An actress who plays the glamorous group of nine The looming, Has announced through social networks that he has cancer. He did this through a video that details his current performance. “Hello everyone, I want to tell you something that happened by chance in my life, that is, I am fighting breast cancer,” he began to say during the recording. Clip You can see how you walk in it.

Fortunately, I’m sick “Its prognosis is very good” As Medina himself revealed, “You won’t get rid of me so easily.” “Most importantly, I want to take this opportunity to explain something that only those who have experienced it and those who accompany them can understand. I Very lucky to feel loved, but The aid provided by the state is not enough”, Has been explained.

Cristina Medina revealed that she has breast cancer, but her prognosis is good. / Gtres

«There are many side effects, not just baldness. Body, insomnia, emotional swings, this is a merry-go-round, everything… There are many things to look for in life. Everything is the same, money and money. I was lucky to have some savings. I didn’t suffer any pain at the time, but there were many people who did not have these resources. Therefore, I not only hope that the government will gradually collect this information, because there are many ways to solve this problem, but no investigation has been conducted,” he said.

actress He also wants to send a message to all those who accompany the patient and encourage them to help them financially. “You have experienced a lot of very complicated emotional situations. Many times what you need to accomplish is the stiffness of money and the acupuncturist who can’t afford to reduce your anxiety level…”, he defended. more importantly, “Anti-tumor ointments, bandanas and caps” require a lot of expense“Don’t be ashamed to wear a headscarf. I know that some things will have a strong emotional impact, but don’t feel embarrassed,” Cristina Medina encouraged.

“La que se avecina” actress Cristina Medina (Cristina Medina) launched a protest after announcing that she had breast cancer. /Gtres

“Give everyone a kiss. To all those who are going through this… what I want to tell you, you don’t know… it’s not easy to be with us. Courage, strength, the most The important thing is, from the moment you wake up, do whatever you want, until you go to bed, no matter who likes it or who doesn’t…”, he concluded.

as expected postal He has not stopped receiving countless emotional expressions. Vanessa Romero did not hesitate to comment with a series of heart-shaped expressions, thus sending all her encouragement to her friends and series partners. In addition, Nacho Guerreros also wrote a few words. “Effective power,” said the actor who gave Cork life The looming.

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