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The question has been burning on the lips on the other side of the Channel for days. Will Cristiano Ronaldo leave Manchester United in the summer transfer window? Various rumors have been fueling the past few days, one of which is surprising.

Cristiano Ronaldo to…Atletico Madrid?

A British journalist, Matthew Thomson, did assure on Twitter that Cristiano Ronaldo has been offered to Atletico Madrid. Besides being Real’s opponents, Atletico are also Cristiano Ronaldo’s all-time favourite victim, scoring 25 goals against Corcioneros. There are still rumours to be confirmed as the journalist has since deleted his tweet, but Spain is still fueled by the CR7’s return to Madrid.

It must be said that additional information from England opened the door to leaving Spain. According to The Sun, Manchester United do not want to sell Cristiano Ronaldo to another English club if they leave, in order to avoid strengthening their opponents. So, can Atlético de Madrid’s track become concrete in the coming days? Only the future will tell…


Manchester United’s Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo has announced he will leave for a few days. While rumours have sent him to an astonishing club, the English club could make it easier for him. Because United don’t want to sell CR7 to their Premier League rivals.


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