Cristiano Ronaldo ignores Carragher ahead of Manchester United’s victory over Liverpool.

Cristiano Ronaldo seemed to deliberately ignore Jamie Carragher on the sideline before Manchester UnitedVictory over Liverpool on Monday night.

in Manchester United the striker approached the Sky Sports expert team that was on the field before the match and shook hands with the former United stars Gary Neville as well as Roy Keene.

There was a clear move from the former Liverpool protect Carragher shake Ronaldohand, but former RealMadrid the assailant seemed to make an effort not to shake his hand.

No references to the incident have been made Carragher or someone else from the expert team, but it certainly caused a stir on the net.

Former Red Devil Ferdinand River joked: “Christian absolutely blanking Carragher there.

“If you did 360 like in the old days.”

One said “Looool Ronaldo muted Jamie Carragher.”

Another wrote: “Ronaldo extinguishing Carragher will be the highlight of the match.

One laughed:Ronaldo left Carragher hanging.”

Another added: “Ronaldo showed Carragher zero respect.”

Turned out the highlights had to go on Manchester United and their fans, although not for Ronaldo on a personal level.

The striker remained on the bench and was only introduced later when United were focused on defending their 2-0 lead.

The goals came from Jadon Sancho as well as Marcus Rashford on either side of the half time whistle and the team looked unrecognizable from the side that lost 4-0 away at brentford last weekend.

Eric ten Hag will seek to develop the result when faced Southampton this Saturday.


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