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When it comes to Manchester United, the club’s media fan Usain Bolt always speaks out. Obviously, the turning point of the Red Devils season did not satisfy him. In a comment to The National News, the former Jamaican sprinter published a sour report.

According to Bolt, Cristiano Ronaldo relies too much on himself

First of all, because in his eyes, Ronaldo is on his own. In his opinion, even the legendary CR7 cannot stand alone. “Cristiano saved us in every game. There is only one person who is obligated to do all the work. It has been a long time since we played well.”

Another subject of his disappointment was that Manchester United did not recruit Antonio Conte, who is now at Tottenham Hotspur. “I want Conte. He will do well with the Spurs, he will organize them. No matter where he goes, he can organize the team well. In January, he may have one or two players. Then, in At the end of the season, he may find suitable players and bring them to his team,” the Red Devils fan regrets.


Manchester United’s season is very complicated. Red Devils number one fan Usain Bolt made no secret of his troubles. In fact, the latter condemned Cristiano Ronaldo’s companionship, while condemning the coach’s choice.


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