Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi have more social media followers than Manchester United and PSG.


Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi have more social media followers than the clubs they play for, Manchester United and Paris Saint Germain respectively.

The Portuguese striker has about 593 million subscribers on his personal accounts, while the Argentinean has 375 million subscribers in total. Messithe total dropped due to him not having a Twitter account.

Findings from UEFA, who include social media in their annual football report.

Ronaldo and Messi lead

To put into context how many fans two of the greatest footballers in modern football have, Manchester United have a total of 169 million subscribers, which is much lower Ronaldo.

PSG have fewer followers than United, only 133 million, less than half Messi.

As for the clubs leading the way real Madrid are currently the most followed club in world football with a total of 251.5 million followers.

Barcelona took second place after real Madrid with 248 million followers, showing a clear gap between the two Spanish giants and Manchester United, as well as PSG.

Summer contracts spark social media boom

In addition to being the most followed figures on social media, Ronaldo and Messi underwent high-profile transfers in the summer of 2021.

Ronaldo returned Manchester United bold juventus, bye Messi shocked the world with his departure from Barcelona To PSG.

Messithis move caused a 13 percent takeover PSG the number of social media followers from 110.5 million to 115.7 million on the day of its announcement.

It was a little more than Ronaldothree percent takeover, after which he had Manchester Unitednumber of social media followers from 161.1 million to 163.2 million when he was announced by the club.

popular posts

In addition to having an impact on their club’s social media, the ad images used by players on their own accounts have caused hysteria in the world.

Ronaldoan ad on his Instagram account got 19 million likes usurped Messi22 million likes on his Instagram account after he followed PSG.

The reaction from the fans has made their posts some of the most viral social media posts in the history of football due to their popularity.

Real Madrid are playing well

real Madrid were once again at the top when it came to social media following, showing that their social media campaigns were successful off the field.

With over 200 million followers on Facebook and Instagram, their Twitter account also leads the way with over 63 million followers.


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