Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United break the hearts of Atalanta



20.10.2021 –

Manchester United came from two goals scored Atalanta 3-2 at Old Trafford in the Champions League on Wednesday night.

Atalanta went into halftime with a 2: 0 advantage after goals Mario Pashalich and Merich Demiralbut United scored three goals in the second half Marcus Rushford, Harry Maguire and Cristiano Ronaldo

While Atalanta some important players were missing, especially on defense, they were the team that posed the most threat at the start of the match. Combined possession of the ball a lot, but possession of the ball did not count, while Dea At every opportunity, they tried to hit the hosts in a counterattack.

Show the first half Combined was pretty confused as the scores show, but in the second half they put up enough struggle to turn the tide. Review Demiral due to injury during the half-time interval Atalantawho found themselves at the epicenter of the storm in the first 10-15 minutes of the second half.

Combined managed to score the first of their three goals by scoring Rashford in the 53rd minute, followed by Scott McTominay five minutes later hit the post. Then it was only a matter of time before they grabbed the equalizer.

Twenty two minutes after Rashford net, Maguire scored CombinedSecond goal. Atalanta could not clear the corner and it allowed Bruno Fernandez send another cross that fell at your feet Maguirewho shot past the impressive Juan Musso

Cristiano Ronaldo is a hero

The hosts were in full voice, and they tried to inspire the team to score third, which Cristiano Ronaldo reached in the 81st minute. Luke Shawdotted cross was met Ronaldo, who managed to hang in the air and powerfully send the ball to the bottom corner. Again, Cristiano Ronaldo became a hero on another magical night for Manchester United at Old Trafford.

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