Cristiano Ronaldo: an example of wasted talent


THere are the decisions and dates that change a footballer’s career forever. Only Cristiano Ronaldo knows if he made a decision ahead of the Champions League final in Kyiv on May 26, 2018. There is no doubt that at that time he was convinced that the best solution for him would be to leave. real Madrid.

The Portuguese star didn’t know that this momentum move would start a downward curve. At first it was slow, almost imperceptible, but now it has led to the crisis that he is now experiencing in Manchester Unitedboth on a personal and collective level.

The last incident with Christian Smashing a fan’s mobile phone on the way to the dressing room is a reflection of the club’s decline – they are in seventh place, 23 points behind the leaders – and the star itself. He is under stress from not being able to score a single goal: since January 4, he has scored only four goals in the Premier League, three of which against Tottenham, and in the Champions League match against Atlético Madrid he didn’t score a single one.

Even former teammates pointed the finger at him. Ferdinand River chided him for getting up to give instructions, belittling the coach. The peace surrounding the return of the prodigal son to Old Trafford lasted as long as goals were scored.

This is nothing new since he left the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. Other former players were highly critical Christianlack of importance in juventus, especially in the Champions League, the main reason for his signing. He had good one-off performances but lacked decisiveness at critical moments.

Another point to be noted is Karim Benzemagrowth since he took over real Madrid. This is undeniable, and becomes even more relevant when we bring him face to face with his former teammate.

CR7 has 119 goals and 25 assists since leaving the Bernabeu, while Karim scored 124 goals and made 34 assists during the same period. Benzema you started delivering much more since then Christian left.

Christianthe plan failed. I left to score more goals and more goals in the Champions League. I reached the first without reaching the perfection that I reached with White. As Robert De Niro said in The Bronx Story, there is nothing sadder than wasted talent.


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