Cristiano: He gave Georgina Rodriguez a gift of 124,000 euros

Cristiano Ronaldo And Georgina Rodriguez are experiencing a sweet moment in their relationship. They recently moved to Manchester, and the opening of their new home and their performance on the professional stage are reflected in their romance. One of the keys to maintaining the illusion of a couple is to keep the details with the other person, CR7 understands this literally.

The football player wants to give his girl an exquisite gift.This is about the jeweler Vendome Shopping Center From Louis Vuitton.A unique collection that sells for 124,000 Euro. The model herself used to pass on her Instagram account story He admitted that he was “sufficient”.

Georgina Rodriguez received this beautiful gift from Cristiano Ronaldo/Instagram

The size of this piece is 62 cm in length, 140 cm in height and 55 cm in height.As specified on Vuitton’s official website, “commemorative Opened a new Louis Vuitton boutique in the famous Place Vendôme, The cradle of Parisian jewelers». There are eight drawers in its compartment where you can put jewelry and other small accessories. In addition to Georgina, also very fond of Cristiano’s gifts is their daughter Alana Martina, who began to decorate the jewelry box. His brother Mateo also played.

The fact is, the couple couldn’t be more happy.A few days ago, we saw a dress from Haka White bridal inspiration You may wish to wear it on your wedding day. Despite the constant rumors, asking for a helping hand and passing through the pastor’s rumors, the wedding never seems to come.my own Rodriguez mentioned this In his reality show trailer on Netflix: «Wedding? “No, no, it doesn’t depend on me, I hope so.”

As if this were not enough, their happiness was supplemented by their good reception in the first few months of the UK. Everything is proceeding in order. For Spaniards, this is like returning to “home”. He returned to the archipelago to define it as a “sweet home”. In fact, in a recent interview, he recalled: “I came here when I was 18 years old-England-of course, I am very happy to be back home more than a decade later.”

This is the house where Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez will live in Manchester in the next two years. //JACKSON-STOPS.CO.UK
This is the house where Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez will live in Manchester for the next two years // JACKSON-STOPS.CO.UK

Cristiano and Georgina chose to carry out exclusive urbanization in the suburbs of Manchester to keep them happy, peaceful and away from the noisy crowds. Those who have fully adapted to the new environment are their children, and they are very happy in uniforms.

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