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Cristiano Ronaldo After returning to Manchester, continue his fairy tale. In his first game, everything was in order. He easily saw the door, and the communication with the new audience was absolute. You feel like you haven’t had it for several years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see your future in the medium/long term, it just happens to take care of your business. He is getting closer and closer to his retirement from football. When he hangs up his boots, he will devote himself to all the projects he has done in his career.

One of the brightest and most surprising things is Insparia, His hair transplant clinic is located in the exclusive neighborhood of Madrid in Elviso. The milestone is the work of Paulo Ramos, the founder of Saúde Viável. He and his star hope to bring his hair transplant to Spain. He had been successful in Portugal before, with 12 years of experience and more than 40,000 interventions. Its method of solving hair problems It is based on techniques such as mesoderm therapy, platelet-rich plasma, micro-pigmentation or low-frequency lasers.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez, opening day of the Insparya clinic in Madrid / Gtres

Their first store opened in February 2019, CR7 and Georgina Rodríguez (Company administrator). Since it is equipped with 2,500 square meters, 18 operating rooms and 130 employees, the stakes are high.

On their website, they are described as “a clinical group dedicated to diagnosis, treatment and research in the field of hair loss, with clinics in Portugal and Spain”. With two years of life and more than one year of epidemics, Insparya can boast of its financial strength.What was your income last year 10.6 million euros, According to the newspaper, 130% more than the first one, and profits hovering around 1.8 million euros expansion.

The good business progress made Cristiano and Paulo Ramos consider expanding it to more regions of the country. This is how a new clinic was opened in Marbello a month ago, which is the nerve center of Andalusia and one of the most important cities on the Costa del Sol. The football player combines his ambitions in the field with his grafting business and desire to expand. They are not there.They have a plan Open 10 international clinics from now to 2027They will do some work with an initial budget of 25 million euros. The group is expected to achieve a turnover of close to 100 million euros.

Check the opinions of Cristiano’s hair transplant

Insparya’s excellent results have spoken highly of the company’s business vision Cristiano Ronaldo. But it is always interesting to focus on customer satisfaction. In this sense, Google reviews is a very useful tool. The team can boast of 4.6 points out of 5, which is truly extraordinary. However, it is not gold that glitters.

In this part there are some Negative customer reviews Who has a very negative evaluation of the website. For example, a user reported four weeks ago that “I had a problem with payment. They didn’t communicate between ads, they talked about prices and surgery dates, and they told you another.” He recounted his own experience: “My grandmother was the one who performed the operation. After the operation, they called us and we stayed in the garage for 10 minutes. My grandmother who had the operation recently stood and explained the care. At the time, it was suggested that it was a sterile environment. The person in charge of the operation. Sitting on the floor in front of the garage, smoking while resting with clothes used in the operating room.

The portal site is another favorite site for people who decide to improve their hair health.There, several clinics dealing with this problem referred specific cases, and Insparia not excluded. The comments here are much stronger. We rescued two users who were extremely dissatisfied.

Cristiano Ronaldo, head of his hair transplant clinic / Gtres
Cristiano Ronaldo, head of his hair transplant clinic / Gtres

«I did it eight months ago and now I am not satisfied.I have to wait another four months, but My transplant doesn’t look good‘Wrote a person a year ago.The other of them was in the final stage of transplantation, and the result was not as expected: «I’m the one who commented that I’m very happy. I have been 8 months, the exact opposite, very very bad. I have a hole in the middle, which shows a lot. Similarly, I waited for a year and I continued to use Minoxidil to make my hair thicker and stronger. Honestly, I think I have thrown away the money, I have improved Yes, but it is a shame for its cost. There are very few things I have to fill in, and there are no complications.​​​ I don’t recommend the clinic,” he emphasized. Like this, you can find more disapproving reviews.

In short, everything around Cristiano Ronaldo’s hair transplant clinic seems to be constantly growing. It is fair to admit that most opinions are positive, but negative opinions are beginning to become important. Will Portugal’s cracking business suffer?

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