Cristiano and Georgina: “Divorce” and Going Home in Italy


The stage Cristiano Ronaldo And Georgina Rodriguez is history in Italy. At noon last Friday, the Portuguese star and his girlfriend took off from Turin Airport on a private jet. Your destiny? Lisbon. Before signing the contract and being introduced to his new club, he has passed a medical examination: Manchester United. its Juventus leaves This is already official, and there are still 3 years for them to have more shadows than light. From now on, the couple started a new experience in a cold British city, and he knew this very well, because he was living on the road, and he started to shine in sports. This is not the case with the Spanish.

Surprisingly, the time for CR7’s transfer to another club has not yet materialized, leaving Italy so soon. In fact, Manchester City’s other team-Manchester City-have been struggling for their services, even though they eventually withdrew from the bidding on Friday afternoon. But I can’t stand it anymore. For him Turin has passed, especially after asking not to play in order to resolve his situation last weekend (then he played a few minutes off the bench) and after his former coach Massimigliano Allegue After confirming in the press conference-so only a few minutes before Cristiano took off-his departure: “He told me he had no intention of playing for Juventus.” said and done. goodbye.

Cristiano Ronaldo laments during the match against Juventus/GTRES

His situation is no longer tenable.It’s definitely not the result of heaters and couples This important decision has matured for several months. Italy did not live up to their initial expectations when they arrived there in July 2018. Indeed, this is a country where two people have an important quality of life. They live peacefully on a mountain in Turin. The Portuguese also benefited from the preferential tax system, as is the case in Spain, he does not have to pay taxes. But this is not enough.

The divorce with Juventus has become a chronicle of death. As time passed, he got a little closer to leaving, Ronaldo didn’t even want to insist on the expiration of his contract in 2023. The club in northern Italy scored 101 goals in 134 games. But there has been no accompanying group. He made history by winning the Champions League, but not only did he fail, but he was eliminated at the first rate. His performance last time was very cautious, which caused him to be strongly criticized. Cristiano knew that maybe he should start thinking about a way out.

The parade that came in the last week of August translated into the signing of the last major contract for CR7. At the age of 36, he feels ready to meet new challenges. This time in the Premier LeagueBetween 2003 and 2009, he has become a world star wearing Manchester United stretch shoes. The club welcomes him now, as if the prodigal had returned. He felt that this return was like going home, as if he had finished the circle after completing his most advanced career for more than ten years. That’s why he doesn’t mind a 50% reduction in salary compared to the salary he received in Italy. Now, he will charge close to 15 million euros per year. By his side, Georgina Rodriguez With their children, continue to enjoy their idyllic family life. Now yes, yes: “ciao, Italy”, “hello” England.

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