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Crime Boss: Rocky Metropolis, revealed by 505 Games, is an upcoming first-person shooter with a solid so full it could turn heads if tied with a Hollywood blockbuster, not to mention an indie heist game. The announcement was made as part of The Game Awards 2022 event, which saw the debut of more than a dozen games, from highly anticipated sequels like Hades 2 to all-new IPs like Judas and Crime Boss: Rocky City.

Ingame Studios, a Czech Republic-based agency created in 2020, is at the helm of the creation of Crime Boss: Rocky Metropolis. According to the studio’s website, it currently employs more than 70 workers, including sports industry veterans who previously worked on worldwide hit titles like Kingdom Come Deliverance and the Mafia series. The fact that the company’s headquarters are in what it describes as a downtown “fortress” spanning more than 3,200 square feet means it has considerably more funding than the original stand-alone company.

Crime Boss: Rocky City’s star-studded cast shows solid support from Ingame Studios, including Hollywood stalwarts like Michael Madson, who is even collaborating on the game’s ad campaign, Kim Basinger, as well as Danny Glover, Danny Trejo and Chuck Norris, among others. In addition to providing their voices and likenesses to the game’s large cast of characters, the vast majority of the cast participated in the motion capture work on Crime Boss: Rocky City.


TGA’s announcement trailer reveals that Crime Boss takes place in Rocky Metropolis, a fictional Florida metropolis inspired by the design of Grand Theft Auto: Vice Metropolis. The important difference between the two Miami-based settings is that Rockstar’s cult masterpiece was influenced by the 1980s, while Crime Boss: Rocky City will be inspired by the 1990s. The title seems to be more akin to Overkill Software’s Payday show than the GTA series, with the developers specializing in delivering spectacular, action-packed heists.

Contrary to what its star-studded list suggests, Crime Boss: Rocky Metropolis is an AA game, as evidenced by the fact that it’s planned to release at an affordable price of $39.99.

Additionally, the game is already available for pre-order at a 40% reduced price via the Epic Games Store as part of an announcement sale that could continue until December 12. Also powered by Epic’s personal Unreal Engine 5, Crime Boss: Rocky City now has exclusive distribution rights for PC.

With Payday 3 not yet scheduled for a 2023 release, it remains to be seen what the upcoming debut of Crime Boss: Rocky City means for its author’s other first-person heist game. Even if Payday 3 isn’t significantly delayed to 2022, 505 Games will likely need to avoid releasing it too close to Ingame Studios’ debut release, so Overkill’s next challenge could move to 2024 while Crime Boss finds its audience.

Crime Boss: Rocky Metropolis is scheduled to hit PC, PS5, and Xbox Collection X/S on March 28, 2023.

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